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  1. mihran

    Toilet brands - recommendations!

    So we are having a renovation work done including replacing our entire old main bathroom and and small downstairs toilet - Want to go for well known brands in terms of toilets, but for the downstairs toilet, we don't want anything too flash so a close coupled toilet is what we're leaning towards...
  2. mihran

    Ondekt or NATUMAX Knee Pillow? Which is better for sleep?

    I need help from here. I would like to buy knee pillow for my better sleep. Already I have choose 2 like Ondekt or NATUMAX. But I have no idea about it, which is better? Can anyone suggest me?
  3. mihran

    Want to buy a new hair dryers

    I want to buy a new hairdryer but I don't compeer with supersonic hairdryer and Air hairdryer Help me to reach out.