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  1. Mac_Cherry

    MAC airbrush

    Hello, I want to know if anyone has any reviews on the MAC airbrush or another brand? I want to purchase one.. Thanks
  2. Mac_Cherry

    Tips on buying Airbrush System?

    Can anyone tell me what is the best airbrush machine to purchase? They are almost the same? I know MAC, Temptu, and several other companies do as well. What's a reasonable price? Any suggestions would be helpful.. Thanks
  3. Mac_Cherry

    Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer?????

    I was reading INSTYLE Magazine and Beyonce stated that she mixes Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer with her foundation for an extra glow.... Have anyone used this product? Im interested in trying it out... Let me know
  4. Mac_Cherry

    Problems Posting Pics

    Can anyone help me post my pics?? I made sure the pics are sized correctly, but when I insert and go to upload... I keep getting error or the next time I will get this error: Most likely causes: <LI id=causeNotConnected>You are not connected to the Internet. <LI id=causeSiteProblem>The...