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    new here

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    Dmenchi or Domenchi was my old name …

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    Hair Weaving Glue = Eyelash Adhesive?

    Read that last post I quoted.
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    MAC Black Panther Collection 2022

    No. Generally, their LE collections haven't excited me in years. I'm more interested in some of their permanent products.
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    Anyone heard of this brand? I'm so obsessed with it!!!

    Given the characters used in the top image (especially on the envelope), I would assume Japanese? (Korean characters are more geometric.) Browsing through YesStyle (which sells a lot of Korean and Japanese beauty products at various price points) didn't help me much. Reverse image searching...
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    Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

    Did you click the first link in the post? It's the correct link.
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    Skin Advice

    @MrsRobbo It's been a few months. Have you been able to sort this out? Also, belatedly: it's not being dramatic to seek professional help about something that's an issue for you, especially one that's been going on for months.
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    Dupes for Lisa Eldridge Velvet Matte Lipsticks?

    Read the original post again. Lisa's lipsticks are NOT available offline.
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    Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

    HER beauty line.
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    Crossbody Bags

    I don't own any expensive handbags.
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    Welcome to Specktra!

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    New to the forum

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    Welcome to Specktra!

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    Can't get pregnant

    Have you talked to your OBGYN about this?
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    Concealer recommendations please!

    You may like Kosas Revealer Concealer, if you like a creamier formula. You can order a sample card on their website; they will ship to the UK.
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    New Member!

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    Skin Advice

    You do not need to drink five liters of water a day unless you're doing extreme manual labour. The idea that one needs to drink a crapton of water a day is something that has long been debunked. And water intake does not prevent breakouts.
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2022

    I've yet to buy any makeup this year, though there are a number of things on my radar, and things I still want. So far other things have taken priority. I suppose I'm a bit into delayed gratification, too, sometimes! I've also not been sharing FOTDs. I don't really want to this time. But I am...