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  1. mikakai

    How to add make-up in Photoshop!

    Hey guys! Another tutorial from me Has there ever been a time where you just couldn't be bothered putting make-up on for a picture? Or does that model need a better eyeshadow? Well, if you have Photoshop, here's the place to learn how to give yourself a digital make-over. Step one Find the...
  2. mikakai

    Purple/Pink/Orange Eyshadow Tutorial [My first tutorial!]

    Ok, so I've been doing this make up for some time. So I thought I would share it with you guys. Its a blend of purple, pink and orange with a cat eye look. [I suck at describing] Some of the stuff I used I can't tell you the name, because either I got it as a freebie from a magazine...
  3. mikakai

    Hey :D

    Hey, I'm Mika, sixteen from Wales. I love using make up, and I'm always experimenting with eyeshadow colours. I need new looks and how to do certain looks, as well as finding out good eyeshadow brushes and stuff. Anyway, hello!