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    What can I wear under this dress?

    I just bought this one shoulder dress to wear to our upcoming office party. I love it, but its just too short (I'm 5'8 and 41 years young). What can I wear underneath it? I don't think I'd like the look of black leggings. I'm really stumped. The color is a light ivory...
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    Please help with this hair style

    I'm going to a dinner/party on Saturday and would like to get loose beach wave in my hair like this. What's the best way to do this? Hot rollers? Any advise would be appreciated. I'll do a practice run tomorrow!
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    please recommend which website

    There's an NYX palette I would like to order. Its available on the NYX site and Cherry Culture. Discounts aside, can you recommend which one is better to order from? Which has better turn around times and customer service? Thank you!
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    Shopping online for clothes

    Do you know offhand of any women's online clothing stores that accept Paypal payments? Bonus if you know they ship to Canada, but I don't mind looking into that on their website.
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    Esthetics training....opinion on part time

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    What do you do with your hair when you sleep?

    I've always wondered if people put their hair up when they sleep or do nothing at all. I have long, stick straight hair. Its fine, but I have alot of it. I only get one good day out of it after shampooing (unless I put it in a pony tail the next day) because after sleeping on it, its so flat...
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    From mom to esthetician....anyone??

    My boys are 10 and 13 and I stayed at home for 10 years. Only in the last 2 and a half years have I gone back to work part time as an office administrator. Yesterday I toured an esthetics school, thinking that maybe (at 40!) it was time to reinvent myself. Has anyone else here entered this field...
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    It's true...moms know best!

    Even at my age (39), my mom still surprises me I just got home from running errands and the last place I went was to Chatters to look at the Opi holiday collection. Everything they had came in gift packs. I really wanted Holiday Glow, but the girl said only the sets were left, that they were...
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    What would be on your Sephora wishlist??

    I'm making a list for my hubby to choose from for Christmas gifts (to me!) from Sephora. Here's my list so far...what can you recommend? What would be on your list this year? Too Faced Glamour Revolution palette Sephora Flashy Liner gift set Stila Kitten Collection Opi 'How Many Carats' n/p...
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    Shimmering body lotion??

    I love, love, love Body Shop's Snow Shimmer body lotion, but sadly they no longer carry it. They do have coconut and cranberry, but it's just not the same. Can anyone recommend anything else for a winter shimmer body lotion? Maybe something I can pick up at Sephora? The snow shimmer had very...
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    HONEST opinion please- hair and age

    I'm getting my hair cut and colored tonight, and I want something fun and a little edgy. I'm not cutting it short (eek!!) LOL, so I thought playing with color would be fun. You can see my pic in my avatar, I'm quite blonde. I usually just get lighter highlights, but I was trying to find...
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    What does this abbreviation education related

    I'm looking at possibly a huge carreer change in my near future and I came across a requirement for a job that I'm not exactly sure what it stands for...see if you can help me out! What does the DEC stand for in "DEC in fashion merchandising" It must be some sort of course or degree, but I...
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    Playing with my hair extensions

    Honestly, I had really good intentions of cleaning the bedrooms today...and I started to...then I got the incredible urge to start trying on clothes. Even at 39 I like to play in my closet LOL I love these extensions, they're so easy to put in and they're so lightweight. They're real hair so...
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    It took the launch of REALISM to convince to post a PHOTO

    Yep, this is my very first LOTD. I picked up the Photo Realism quad yesterday and its soared to the top of my fav eyeshadows. Enjoy the colors, the lashes, the wrinkles and the freckles...because that's the real me! LOL Face: Revlon Colorstay foundation Revlon new complextion concealer...