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    I got my wedding pictures back yesterday, so I thot I`d post what I wore that day. EYES: Bronze Filament Ricepaper Nylon Ardelle Falsies FACE: Rimmel primer/Foundation (I cannot remember which one) Nars Madly blush Phys Formula bronzer Shimmer Strips Phys Formula loose powder (translucent)...
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    Wondering.....Wedding Day Makeup

    Okay so I am getting i guess 1 month and one day exactly. And I am doing my own makeup for the day, and I want to look super glamourous on the day. I have read alot about "bridal makeup" but am disapointed, because I wanted a more "bold" look (bold for me at least) but they all...
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    Rec For Lash Glue

    Hello Ladies, So I just purchased "Duo" lash glue in dark/waterproof. I was wondering two things, if you have tried this, is it really waterproof? and also, what do you typically uses for lash glue that works the best for you? Okay Thankyou!
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    Wedding Lips ::: Question I kinda have a dilema... I am getting married in September (which I know is a while away, but i am excited) and I am doing my own makeup. But I am puzzled as to what lip stuff to use. Because I will be kissing my new Hubby all day long, and want some colour to my lips....but I...
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    The Night i got ENGAGED!!

    So on Monday Jan.26, My boyfriend asked me to marry him! I really loved the way I looked that night, and was proud of my makeup. I only have one picture of the makeup, and it is only with my eyes closed. but i thought i would share anyways.....and there are some extra pictures i will post as...
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    First Time FALSIES @ Boyfriend's Staff party!!

    So last night it was my boyfriend's staff party, which was "formal" so i decided to try something new and try some falsies. I actually really like how the look turned out.....and im quite shocked about how just a pair of falsies, totally makes you look just extra glamourous FACE:: Loreal...
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    i couldnt get my pictures big enough and figured out, could someone please delete this thread for me.....i dont have a clue how. thanks
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    Confused about Blush

    I was just wondering if someone could clarify something for me. How do you know which blush to use.....does it depend on your eyeshadow? or just whatever look you want? for some reason i jsut cannot figure this one out. if someone could help me that would be great.....thanks!
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    One Expensive-Retro-Goldmine FOTD

    So I haven't posted a face of the day for months and seems like i never get around to taking pictures of my makeup. but i loved my makeup tonight, so i figured i`d make time to take some pictures, i hope you like it! and im sorry the pictures are soooo massive, im not sure how to...
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    A Simple Summery Look

    wow i haven't posted in a long time it seems. this look is one i do alot, cuz its nice and light and summery. it's really simple, but i think it looks pretty. i have probly posted this look before, but it was a long time ago maybe. oh and this was from yesterday. i have a nasty zit on my...
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    I Love Summer!!

    It`s the first Day of SUMMER! and i am so happy, because im not working i get to hang out with my friends, and my boyfriend. summer also means my birthday is in two weeks! i`ll be 19....i am so excited! okay....onto the makeup lol. FACE::: Almay foundation Annabelle pressed...
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    Face: Almay foundation Annabelle pressed powder Rimmel pink rose blush Eyes: Almay liquid liner brown topaz Prestige liner in legend Annabell pigment chiffon prestige shadow golden retriever Maybelline Volum' Express Lips: Mambo Juice
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    Rain Is Falling...Looks Like Love

    hello, ive been wanting to post a fotd for a while now, but i didnt have my camera for a couple days. So heres mine for today....June 5/07 Face:: Almay Nearly Naked foundation in Ivory Rimmel hydrasence concealer NYC translucent powder Rimmel Bluck in Pink Rose Eyes:: Maybelline "Sunlit...
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    i love pink!

    This is my 2nd FOTD, and last time i posted everyone was so sweet, thankyou for making me feel welcome. Face: Rimmel Hydrasence concealer Almay Smart Shade light Random blush lol NYC trandslucent powder Eyes: Annabelle "Chiffon" pigment Prestige shadow "love" Almay liquid eyeliner Brown Topaz...
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    My First FOTD....ever

    this is my first FOTD.....enjoy Face: Maybelline Ever Fresh in Ivory Rimmel Concealer NYC translucent powder random blush from makeup kit Eyes: Maybelline Sunlit Bronze eyeshadow Annabelle Chiffon Pigment Almay Liquid Liner in Brown Topaz Max factor Lash Perfection Max factor Eyelash Curler...