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  1. spacegirl2007

    Can anyone identify these private label products? Vanity & Glamour

    There is a localish makeup "company" that claims to have its own line. A person who works there told me that it's "100% vegan" though it doesn't say that anywhere on their [really crappy] website. There are some product photos on the website. I am just guessing these have to be private label...
  2. spacegirl2007

    super watery waterline - anything i can do?

    I've never been able to line my waterline. It is sooo watery that absolutely nothing will stick to it. In the rare instance that I can get a tiny bit of liner to stay there, it doesn't stay put for long and ends up migrating down to my lower lashes. Is there anything I can try? I have small...
  3. spacegirl2007

    i NEED a dupe of this color from CS neutral palette!

    i absolutely love this color from the "coastal scents" neutral palette. but since its practically the only color in the whole palette i use over my other stuff, i dont want to buy the whole palette again! ive looked at the cross-reference for the "hot pots" and i took my palette to the mac...
  4. spacegirl2007

    Going from salon color to at-home color

    Has anyone gone from getting their hair professionally colored on a regular basis to coloring at home with good results? I've been getting my hair colored at an Aveda salon for the past 5 years or so, using their semi-permanent hair color (and a few times the permanent). But it's expensive...