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  1. s0o_r0qish

    Second time around<3

    Well hello all my beautiful ladies and gentlemen of specktra . My name is Jerricka, i am from Baltimore MD, and a lover of MAKEUP. This isnt my first time on here , but i kinda started slackin due to work n school . But none the less , im back . Lookin to make new friends ..learn more aboout...
  2. s0o_r0qish

    Not quite newbie<3

    hey ladies & qents my name is Jerricka . not quite a newbie because ive been a member of spectra for about a year now. i found my self slackin on post and comminq onto the site, but i am back hunny! i look forward to meetin as well as qettin reaquated with friends also learnin and sharinq...
  3. s0o_r0qish

    not a newbie..just aint been around in awhile

    hey ladies and gentlemen. its me jerricka back on specktra. have been away for awhile but im back!!
  4. s0o_r0qish shadestick keeps clumping!

    Hey ladies, well a while ago i bought MAC's shadestick in corn, and let me tell you, it has been givin me the worst clumpin/cakin problem in the world. I usually put it on over top UDPP, and as soon as i start smothing it out over my lids it starts caking....i even tied blending it with a brush...
  5. s0o_r0qish

    FAFI Collection...w0c friendly?

    With the new FAFI collection commin out, do you think it will be friendly to us w0c?
  6. s0o_r0qish

    Betst Drugstore Moisturizer

    ok ladies..i need a good moisturizer that i can find at the drug any recs?
  7. s0o_r0qish

    Challange: Gimmi ya best DRAG!

    Ok ladies, gimmi ya best Drag Queen look.
  8. s0o_r0qish


    Come on ladies...i kno yall do it.Well to break the ice i will admit..i mastrubate at least 8 times aday. I dont kno what it is, butits liek i will get an urge, and go off in my little if u kno what i mean. share your experience!
  9. s0o_r0qish

    Kinda iffy about pullin this look off...

    Well you kno MAC cam out with the Barbie Loves Mac collection. I was lookin at one of the pictures ( im pretty quite shure all of us has seen it) and wanted to pull the look off, but im a little iffy about being a NW45 and using such bright colors.... What do ya think ladies?
  10. s0o_r0qish

    Ben Nye for w0c

    well im a nw45 and i was thinkin about buyin some ben nye e/s. any of yall use it before? where u satisfied? how bout the cost?
  11. s0o_r0qish

    Ben Nye..

    Do any body know where i can go to buy ben nye products?
  12. s0o_r0qish

    The best blues for a nw45-50

    im lookin for a vibrant matte blue....any suggesstions?
  13. s0o_r0qish

    NW45 in foundation but a NW50 in concealer

    is this likely?
  14. s0o_r0qish

    Help! i have a lil dry skin problem and i often find myself baffled about puttin lotion on my face before puttin on my makeup. is this a compleate no-no?
  15. s0o_r0qish

    Daily routine...

    hey ladies...well i was sittin here bored in my room and decided to do my I see that i seem to go through a little routine when i put my make up on as follows: -conceiler -foundation -eyes -lips I was wonderin what is everybody elses, and am i doin it wrong?
  16. s0o_r0qish


    hey ladies and gents!Well i went to the mall today, and you kno how you are walkin around and it is the little stands in the middle of the mall thet sells things? How the people try to grab your attention??....well they got The MA got my attention to a meneral make-up called Bella...
  17. s0o_r0qish


    hey people... well my name is jaye, im new to the site. Im here because im kinda a newbie the the whole makeup thing so im here to meet new people and learn all about the wonderful would of ladies and mw some love, and i look forward to the site and all it has to offer!