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  1. jojo_makeuplvr

    Birthday/CCO haul

    I couldn't help myself this month, so I bought myself a few goodies and justified the expense with....Hey it's my B-Day!! I got: Urban Decay Naked Palette Stereo Rose MSF Teal pigment (CCO) Tone:Grey quad(CCO) Cheeky Bronze MSF(CCO) And my lovely boyfriend went to Sephora and got: Nars Exhibit...
  2. jojo_makeuplvr

    Style Warriors....Come out to play*yay*

    I don't know if you guys are familiar with that movie, The Warriors, when that guy has three bottles in his hands and he calls out the warriors to come out and play, but that's where I got the title of my haul from. Anyways, here is my haul: Bright Future e/s Vibrant Grape e/s Night...
  3. jojo_makeuplvr

    My 1st Palette/mini-rose Romance/mini-sephora+mac Haul

    I've been delaying on posting hauls because busy with school, so I decided to combine them today. My first Palette Rose Romance:love and friendship n/p, Circa Plum p/g and Mutiny p/g Sephora: Nars Orgasm blush and Stila kajal eye liner in Onyx Mac:Studio Sculpt foundation, prep + prime...
  4. jojo_makeuplvr

    The "I've been in and out of MAC all week and need to stay away" Haul

    OMG guys I seriously need to stay away for awhile this past week was very fulfilling but I can't go on like this LOL. So the MA did my face today and I posted a pic of the look.I'm saving $ for a new camera so pics not as good as I would like and I cropped it cause I had major cleavage,lol...
  5. jojo_makeuplvr

    Small haul from CCO and MAC phone order

    I took this with my cameraphone guys, so sorry that it's huge and blurry. Anways, I went to my local CCO in San Ysidro and got Paintpots: Perky,Rollickin',Rubenesque, Artifact.Gulfstream eyeshadow and #7 lash. And I ordered 2 mac 180 brushes over the phone.
  6. jojo_makeuplvr

    MAC 180 brush in stock right now!!!!

    I'm glad to be the bearer of some good news!! The MAC 180 small buffer brush is currently in stock. I have been looking on ebay for this brush but honestly, I was very skeptical of buying it there. Anyways after searching international MAC sites and seeing they are available in Korea, France and...
  7. jojo_makeuplvr

    Hello from San Diego

    It all started for me with the Barbie loves MAC collection and I've been an addict ever since!! My favorite eyeshadow is Mothbrown, favorite blush Blushbaby and favorite lipsticks Underplay(discontinued) and Viva Glam V. I look forward to sharing my addiction with you all!! NC 44 Brown Eyes...