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  1. aziajs

    Fun with Halloween Looks - Bubblegum Disco & Catwoman

    Here are two looks I did this year. I had more planned but you know how that goes. I didn't post these in the FOTD section because I didn't feel like writing up what I used. LOL
  2. aziajs

    The Makeup Show Chicago 2011

    The Powder Group is bringing The Makeup Show to Chicago next month for the very first time. Is anyone attending? DETAILS: SUNDAY JUNE 12 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM MONDAY JUNE 13 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Venue One 1044 West Randolph St. Chicago, IL. 60612 Click below for more details...
  3. aziajs

    About Face: Sunny Daze

    |FACE| Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Toast L'Oreal True Match Powder in C7 Nut Brown L'Oreal True Compact Makeup in W4 Natural Beige MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach |EYES| L'Oreal HIP Cream Crayons in Authentic & Attentive LASplash Diamond Dust in Tampered & Enchanted Forest LASplash Eye Sparkle...
  4. aziajs

    About Face: Nicki Minaj Inspired

    Nicki Minaj: |Face| MAC Select Coverup NC45 Ben Nye Banana Powder NARS Casino Bronzer D7 & B7 Eyeshadow (88 Palette - see chart below) <----used as blush |Eyes| Urban Decay Primer Potion Ben Nye Creme Color - White & Yellow 88 Eyeshadow Palette - C1, C5, D6, H6, F6, C7, F7, G7 (see chart -...
  5. aziajs

    About Face: Silver Prism Tutorial (70s Disco Inspired)

    Here is my latest YouTube - About Face: Silver Prism Tutorial
  6. aziajs

    Back again...with a 'fro!!

    Hello! I love playing with glitter. I bought an afro around Halloween to do a look for my blog & YT but it didn't happen. I was determined to use it, though, and I love how this came out. The pictures are orange because I forgot to change the setting on my camera but I like them that way. I...
  7. aziajs

    Taste The Rainbow

    I jacked this from my blog to share with you all. Enjoy!
  8. aziajs

    Soon to be FOTD

    I can't list all the stuff now but I will a little later. This took hours! So much applying & correcting & re-applying. I was glad it was done.
  9. aziajs

    Adventures in brow covering

    I am determined to master this. I used Petrilude's (from YT) glue stick technique and it turned out better than the first time I tried it. But, there is definite room for improvement. I need to smooth it out the glue so that the texture is more even. I think if I go over the edges with a wet...
  10. aziajs

    About Face:Steel Wheeling Tutorial

    Here is the link to the original FOTD: YouTube - Steel Wheeling Part II
  11. aziajs

    It must be so hard to be a "dancer"

    They work for those dollars.... YouTube - Young woman gets her wig pulled off! Too Funny!!! YouTube - PLEASE DON'T DROP ME!!!!
  12. aziajs

    About Face: Brows Part II - Fill, Shape & Define

    This is part II of a two part series on brows. I will show you how to Fill, Shape, & Define your brows. YouTube - About Face: Brows Part II - Fill, Shape & Define
  13. aziajs

    About Face: Brows Part I - Arch

    Brows are such an important part of a finished look. A lot of people neglect them and don't realize how your brows really frame your face and pull together your overall look. In this video I will you how I arch my brows. This is part I in a two part series. The second part, "Fill, Shape &...
  14. aziajs


    Has anyone heard of this company? They're based out of Indiana. They produce natural and eco-friendly skincare (I think). I have actually tried a couple things and my favorite was the massage oil. It was really moisturizing and it wasn't greasy, which really surprised me.
  15. aziajs

    About Face: Roaring

    Ok! I don't even remember the last time I was nervous about posting something online. I wasn't even nervous about my first blog posts. But I am nervous now. I need to work on the lighting and the backdrop but that will come. If you want to see pics and a face chart for the look click the...
  16. aziajs

    OPRAH KFC Coupon

    As part of a new segment called Harpo Hookups, Oprah and KFC joined forces to provide free meals to her viewers. There is a coupon on that you can download for a free meal including two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit. Free KFC Coupon - Has...
  17. aziajs


    Hi there! My hair is in bantu knots so I can do a twist out. The end result is the same curly style I wore in my |Steel Wheeling| FOTD. I was playing around with this combo in my head so I decided to actually try it out. |FACE| Revlon Colorstay in Toast MAC Dark MSFN NARS Casino bronzer MAC...
  18. aziajs

    Celebrity Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna

    This is so hilarious. I love how they got the voices down. I love when "Beyonce" says, "Eat whateva you want! INDULGE! Be a diva! Divas have curves." I almost died. YouTube - Celebrity Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna
  19. aziajs

    Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

    pic courtesy of Bsheth86 on MUA pic courtesy of melissab33 on MUA There is a thread on the BeautyBlender but I wanted this to be a complete and separate thread. What do you guys think of the Sonia Kashuk sponge? The original was blue but it now comes in purple. It is available at...
  20. aziajs

    Copycat Challenge:Duplicate your favorite Specktra FOTD

    Ok, so many of us have makeup inspiration folders. For a lot of us in those folders we have photos of our fellow Specktra members with looks they have posted that we love. So, Tish and I thought it would be great to start a challenge where we take those looks and try to duplicate them. Who's...