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  1. Girl about town

    Made i to 12 weeks

    Just a note to say thats me 12 weeks now and all is well, had 3 scans so far and baby is healthy and growing as it should be, hoping for another safe 28 weeks and thats it my 4th time lucky after 3 miscarriages in 2009. xxxx Laura
  2. Girl about town

    Just messing around with new products!!!

    Hey guys was bored today so decided to try out a few things i bought recently, haven't posted recently as i've looked so crap, had a lot of stress and sadness lately. Anyway cheered me up. Also tried out my Illamasqua rich foundation it has super duper coverage but looks great when it settles...
  3. Girl about town

    max factor second skin foundation

    Just got this and it amazing!!!! I have combination oily blemished skin mostly but this foundation is well impressive. It goes on so smooth and silky is really blendable and gives a matt yet glowy finish, i had a sample but have went and bought the full size as it looks really smooth and natural...
  4. Girl about town

    Hormones driving me crazy!!!

    So still not had a period since my ERPC for my missed miscarriage on the 18th of August My hormones are all over the place, im spotty, moody, breasts are sore etc etc.Hell i would even think i was pregnant again if i hadn't had negative pregnancy tests. This is complete torture, just want my...
  5. Girl about town

    loreal studio secrets range

    Hi guys haven't heard anyone mention this line yet, i bought 2 of the primers the anti dull one for light skin and the anti redness one thats green tinted, and i love love love the anti dull one , its a pale pink colour and really evens out and brightens my NC25 skin. Anyone else tried any of...
  6. Girl about town

    My lovely new vanity (ikea malm of course)

    So i finally got my Malm vanity unit built up and all my make up is now neat and organised, My stool was from TK maxx and the chest of drawers underneath is also the Ikea Malm collection to give me extra make up storage. My brush holder is a Paul & Joe one. I,ve put little baskets in the Drawers...
  7. Girl about town

    Can't believe it....totally devastated!!!

    Well went for my scan at 16 weeks and turns out my baby died at 10 weeks, have had no bleeding at all so have had a missed miscarriage, i need to go into hospital now for D&C on tuesday. I thought it hurt miscarrying last time at 6 weeks but this hurts beyond belief i can't ever see me being...
  8. Girl about town

    paul & joe brush holder

    how nice is this i can see it on my Malm vanity already sigh!!!! PAUL & JOE BEAUTE
  9. Girl about town

    Anyone got the ikea vinstra vanity???

    Hi i am in love with the Ikea vinstra dressing table, does anyone have it? or any pics of it set up.Are the drawers a decent size? I have limited space and might get it in if my boyf moves his chest of drawers HA!!! Im torn between this and the smaller Malm vanity. Any thought???
  10. Girl about town

    Etude house??

    Hey guys i,ve became obsessed with Korean, and asian beauty products there seems to be some really unusual stuff and that makes me excited!!!! hehe. I ordered some Etude house pore minimising peach base and the BB cream, anyone got any experience with these products? Just thought i'd start a...
  11. Girl about town

    help with pale pink blush

    Hey guys i have the usual pale pinks like pink swoon and alpha girl bp but im looking for a pale cool pink , lighter than pink swoon not too sparkly that still shows up!!! i want doll like cheeks , i was eying up well dressed but i heard that this takes a lot to show up,Any recs?
  12. Girl about town

    miscarriage any advice?

    Hey folks had a hard few days, i found out i was pregnant last friday and estimated i must be about 5 weeks, i was going away all week so hadn't seen my doc yet but had a positive pregnancy test one of the digital ones, my fiance and i were over the moon and went off on our week long holiday...
  13. Girl about town

    sass & Bide Black rats Anyone?

    Anyone own the Black rats by sass & bide, either the shiny ones or the pvc? If so what are they like on? i sooooo want a pair but not sure what size to buy and if they are flattering or not!!
  14. Girl about town

    YSL rouge volupte oh how i love thee!!!

    Hey folks was heading out last night so decided to snap my make up for the evenings festivities. Lost my fake eyelashes when i was out haha!!! i bought some ysl rouge volupte lipsticks and i am in love!!!! (click pics to enlarge) i used Face MUFE hd foundation 120 mufe concealer...
  15. Girl about town

    YSL Discussion Thread

    I have found the most gorgeous smooth densely pigmented lipsticks ever, the rouge volupte lipsticks from YSL. i bought n07 lingerie pink (kind of like snob mixed with saint germain) no 1 nude beige (like a more pigmented 3n lipstick) and no 13 peach passion (really unique peachy coral) i love...
  16. Girl about town

    Fotd with Nars turkish delight and wisteria

    Hey folks liked my make up today so thought i would do a post on it,My friends bought me the wisteria pallette for my birthday and i looove it!!! (all pics click to enlarge) Just an eye shot big fringe in way as usual i used Face MUFE hd IN 120 MAC Select moisture concealer in...
  17. Girl about town

    need make up recs for this dress

    Hey guys im going out tomorrow night and im wearing this dress, (its not me just a pic to show you the dress) wearing it with black tights and black patent platforms Any make up recs????
  18. Girl about town

    Kinda sexy or pink plaid?

    Hey guys i am toen between kinda sexy and pink plaid!!! i looove matte lip colours and want one of these but they look so similar on the MAC site.Are they similar and if so which is nicer? are they different enough to get both?
  19. Girl about town

    Hello possums Gladiola Fotd

    Hey folks tried out my new Gladiola lipstick and i love it!!! pics are a bit dark due to how dull it is here at the moment, you can't see my eye make up as fringe is so long at the moment!!! i used MUFE hd foundation 120 benefit erase paste msf natural medium pink swoon blush bobbi brown...
  20. Girl about town

    The now im skint haul, beans on toast for me!!!!

    Hey lovlies i seem to have amassed quite a bit of make up in the last month since christmas, I amnow eating beans on toast!!!! Lipsticks from dame edna (left to right) Coral polyp,Gladiola, also MAC show orchid and ravishing from cremesheen chill stuff penultimate liner, magenta lipliner...