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  1. Ode to Joy

    Best eye pencils for NC15 with green - blue eyes?

    I want to treat myself to a few MAC eye pencils and would be very happy if you could recommend some of them to me. Mostly looking for interesting greens, grey, blacks, purples and a dark blue. I can't wear anything like plummy or brown shades with heavy red undertones, colors like this near my...
  2. Ode to Joy

    Guppy nail polish

    Has anyone been able to find out the ingredients for this polish? The ingredients in usual nail polish aren't exactly the best for your body either, so no listing of them here has me a little bit worried...?! And then I would like to now if two of their shades might be dupes for other brands...
  3. Ode to Joy

    Glossy Metallic Eyes

    These two pictures have been stuck in my inspiration folder for a while, but I can't figure out how to achieve this look, even my MAC pigments don't come close! The first one is by Troy Jensen, and as usually the products he mentioned can't really be what he was using on her! TROY JENSEN...
  4. Ode to Joy

    OPI Burlesque for Winter/Holiday 2010

    I love the name of this collection and the glitter polishes look like MAAHs beautiful sisters! OPI Burlesque Collection for Winter/Holiday 2010 Belle Bath & Beyond
  5. Ode to Joy

    ELF Eyeliner & Shadow Stick Green/Moss: Dupe for MAC Wolf?

    I am sure many of you love to read SQUALID's blog, so there might be some of you who have seen this entry she posted: Killer Colours - E.l.f. Cosmetics I think it looks very similar to MAC's Wolf pearlglide, which is rather htf (at least for me) and a huge lemming of mine: MAC Suite Array -...
  6. Ode to Joy

    Model 21 False Lashes

    I noticed a couple of youtubers using these lashes... they come in packs of 10 lashes for 8-9$ on ebay. are they worth it? how do they compare to ardell and red cherry lashes? tia
  7. Ode to Joy

    I never buy cream eyeshadows and liners in pots...

    ... because I am afraid that they will dry out quickly, as that happens a lot with foundations and mascaras I use. I would love to buy some Benefit cream eyeshadows and a few of Bobbi Browns gel liners and cream shadows, but they are too expensive for me to only use a small amount of product...
  8. Ode to Joy

    MAC 180 vs. CS Synthetic Wide Buffer Brush

    Please tell me honestly, how different are these brushes, different handles aside? I am all for quality over quantity, but if this brushes perform almost exactly the same, I will gladly get the CS one as I can get at least 3 for the price of one 180 ... Coastal Scents: Synthetic...
  9. Ode to Joy

    Dupes for Chanel Django nail polish?

    I love how this colour looks on my nails, but I don't want to pay that much for a polish if I can get the same colour cheaper! Can you help me find a good dupe? SpaRitual Adore & Delight comparison pics Nalakovaný blog
  10. Ode to Joy

    Favorite Pigments to use on Your Lips?

    I never knew what a difference MAC pigments applied on your lips can make until I saw this post on temptalia: Pucker Up: Warmed-Up Fall Lips Well, I need more ideas like that, so please tell me what MAC pigments, reflects and glitters you like to use on your lips! What are must haves?
  11. Ode to Joy

    Brush for Contouring & Blush

    Hi Specktrettes! I need a very soft (!!) brush that I can use to contour my face and apply blusher. My face is small, so it should allow for precise application. For reference, I like subtle contouring & blush and tend to dislike angled brushes. I do NOT apply blush on the apples on my cheeks...
  12. Ode to Joy

    Two Leighton Meester looks! - recommendations needed

    What do you think did the makeup artist use as - blush & contour - eyeshadow - lip products - false lashes (if you don't think she's wearing any - what lashes come close to this?) and for this look, what was used for contouring, blush and lips?
  13. Ode to Joy

    "You Don't Have to Be Pretty"

    I enjoyed reading this, so I thought I would share it with you Quote: So the other day, folks in the comments were talking about leggings. I'm pretty agnostic about leggings, but the whole discussion (which centered on the fact that it can be *really* hard to look good in leggings)...
  14. Ode to Joy

    Mica & Talc Free Face Products

    Many people are allergic to these ingredients and I am one of them, so I figured it would be great to collect items free of them in one thread. Please post your recommendations for foundations, powders, bronzers and blush here!
  15. Ode to Joy

    Mixing Medium Eyeliner

    Debatting if I should splurge on this product. There are so many Eyeliner Sealents and recipes for DIY Mixing Mediums - does this one from MAC stand out? How easy is it to work with? Can you compare the consistency of the finished artice to any product like HIP Gel Liners, MAC Fluidline and so...
  16. Ode to Joy

    NYX Trio Eyeshadow Must Haves

    I want to put the trio shadows in MAC's 15 pan palettes with some MAC and UD shadows, so I need some amazing colors that both don't offer/are must haves. Don't like blues and warm browns/oranges. What do you recommend?
  17. Ode to Joy

    Dupes of HK Glitter Liners *Her Glitz* & *Kitty Power*

    I love both colors, but seriously, I will never use enough glitter eyeliner in my whole life to justify buying both of them (and if I buy one it will be her glitz). Please help me find cheaper dupes! Temptalia: (on the right) Quote: Fun & Games, Tippy Nice Kitty, Nice To Be Nice...
  18. Ode to Joy

    Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

    Just got myself this baby today after reading a lot of raving reviews online... But I am a little bit confused on how to use it. Where to I place it on my lashes for a lasting curl (roots or tips)? How long does it have to stay there to get the desired effect? Any advice is welcome!
  19. Ode to Joy

    Too Faced Galaxy Glam vs NARS Nightlife Collection

    Hi! I have been reading reviews and looking at swatches of both collections for the last couple of days but I still can't decide what to pick (don't have a counter near me). Both collections have a smokey green/blue/gold/purple and I would love to get each color once. Which one do you prefer...
  20. Ode to Joy

    Must Have E/s - Non MAC!

    What are your favorite e/s by brands other than MAC that no make - up collection is complete without? Every e/s color is welcome as long as it is a pressed e/s! Can't wait to see your answers!