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  1. Claire Dunn

    Pimples on Forehead!

    Hay friends, For last few days i've been facing pimple problem (mostly on my forehead) and they leave a black spot :( What is causing these pimples all of a sudden? normally i do not have pimples at all, neither i'm using any new beauty/makeup products. Could you suggest what can i do to get...
  2. Claire Dunn

    Makeup, Skincare and Haircare Products on SALE!

    Grab as soon as you can! I have bought a lot of makeup prodcuts from Order and Save and you are not gonna believe that all these products are on 20%-60% Sale. There are some worthless products too but nothing is worthless when we have to gift alot ;) i bought almost all the christmas and new...
  3. Claire Dunn

    Tips for maintaining healthy Lips

    We are often too busy taking care of our skin, and forget that our lips are being neglected. A beautiful face is complete when your lips are healthy and pretty. Here are some tips to manage healthy lips: -Don’t lick your lips -Avoid breathing with an open mouth -Eat lots of fruits and...
  4. Claire Dunn

    Remove your makeup properly for beautiful skin!

    Wearing makeup is always fun, but friends don't forget to remove your makeup properly afterwards. If you don't have a makeup remover don't worry, just take a little bit of moisturizer or lotion and apply it to your skin then wipe it off using a cotton or tissue. this will leave your skin soft...
  5. Claire Dunn

    New Girl in the House!

    Hay girls, this is Claire Dunn. I'm new in this forum but a regular fashion blogger, looking forword to share our fashion knowledges with each other. Great FUN ahead!