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  1. calbear

    $50 min purchase vs. Makeup on Demand

    Ok - so i've been thinking about this for a minute and erinne mentioned something in another thread that got me to wondering.....she said " i think thats why they reinstated the $50 purchase policy on the weekends, cause all we were doing all weekend long was free makeup." I was wondering what...
  2. calbear

    Online Forums for MAC Employees

    Hey MAC employees (freelancers and perm): I was wondering if any of you went to any other forums online targetted towards employees. I love specktra in general (and especially the industry discussion section cause you chicks are hilarious ;-) but I am starting to feel that every thread in mac...
  3. calbear

    How *NOT* to get hired at MAC

    Ok so as someone who has gone from freelance to perm more than once, I wanted to start this thread to see what light can be shed on how to definitely NOT get hired at MAC. #1 stopping by the counter/store asking for an application, with a stack of 9000 other mall store applications in your...
  4. calbear

    You did what ......with WHAT?!?!?

    This is for all of you in the industry who have had a customer that has done something so 'interesting' with a product that you had to call someone over to hear the story. These customers aren't mean or bad - they just did something that caused you to truly pause. I'm working the other day and...
  5. calbear

    Lesson Certified!!

    I got my lesson certification today - all with a swollen mouth from the tooth that gets a root canal tomorrow and no sleep from the pain. I am soooo happy, it was supposed to be a run through but she was impressed with my work and I got the certification. Now on to advanced makeup...