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  1. atwingirl

    Anyone buy from this seller?

    Has anyone ever bought from seller bls-cheap-deals or bls distributing on ebay before? There is a listing for MAC "Molases" nail lacquer. Is this color legit? I know it is a Pearlglide but before I bid I wanted to know if it was a real nail polish color. Thanks!
  2. atwingirl

    Got Grape?

    Okay, so I fell under the spell of Vibrant Grape LE eyeshadow when my MUA used it! But now I am stuck for more ideas on how to use it. This is my first bright shadow(please insert any snickers here but it is a stretch for me!)and I am inspired by this site/you guys since finding it. So help a...
  3. atwingirl

    My Aurora Farms CCO Haul Today!

    Happy Mother's Day to anyone who is a Mom or takes care of their loved ones. Hopefully you and your family have found a way to honor all the hard work you do throughout the year. I stopped by the CCO at Aurora Farms Outlets today and wanted to give anyone a heads up as to what is in stock. If...
  4. atwingirl

    Online LE Brush Set, "Perfect Style" Set

    I am new to this site and not sure where I should be posting this but I got an email today about a LE brush set available online. This set includles the 187, the 168 large angled contour, the 222 and the 263 small angled liner.This set comes in a black case with mint green lining. Retails for...