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  1. Ethel

    Liquidlast application

    So I finally got a liquidlast, but I'm having trouble with application. I'm usually really good with liquid liners, but this less "liquid" than its name would imply. Mine's really thick and sticky and it's hard to create a smooth line, with the brush or with my own. Do I just have a bad batch...
  2. Ethel

    Nars lipsticks

    I want to get more Nars lipsticks, but I can't get to a counter to swatch any. I'm particularly interested in Nars reds. I want a bright, pinup style red without any brown. I'm also looking for other bright colors. I gravitate towards bubblegum pinks, violets, fuchsia, etc. I already have...
  3. Ethel

    Crystal Rose dupe

    I'm looking for a dupe for Crystal Rose lipglass. I use it every day and it's almost gone! UD Asphyxia (sp?) was close, but isn't at my sephora.
  4. Ethel

    Sunscreen or moisturizer for oily skin.

    I have combo-oily skin. After years of searching, I finally found a moisturizer that doesn't turn me into an oil slick or break me out, Lush's Imperalis. Unfortunately, it doesn't have sun protection. So, I need to find either 1. a new moisturizer with sun protection for daytime or 2. a...