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  1. melliquor

    Grand Duos in up on the Website

    Did anybody know we were getting it this month? Complety wasn't expecting it. Now... i need to go to Mac and check these out. Do you know what you are getting?
  2. melliquor

    Hello Kitty

    What is everybody getting? I am so excited about this collection and wish that I could afford to get everything... just don't have enough money. Does anybody know the prices for everything from HK? Trying to plan my budget... DH is giving me £100 for our anniversary to spend and I had a GC...
  3. melliquor

    Cult of Cherry Looks

    Does anybody have the Cult of Cherry looks? I forgot to save these . If you have them in saved format please pm me or post them on here... thanks so much in advance . I hate when i forget to save them.
  4. melliquor

    Smoke Signal Looks

    Does anybody have the Smoke Signal looks saved and if you do, can you email them to me please? I forgot to save them before they took them off the website.
  5. melliquor

    Travel Insurance

    I am going to the US in December for a month and want to get travel insurance in case i get sick there. Can you recommend a really good one that you may have used before? I want something that covers cancellation, baggage, and high medical. The medical costs in the US are soooo expensive...
  6. melliquor

    New Kitten... HELP!

    I am getting a new kitten in about 2 weeks and I already have 2 female cats, Abby 4 & Molly 2. I really want the transition to go well with the other 2 cats. I am unsure of how to do it or what to do exactly. I know i need to introduce the new cat slowly to get the other cats used to her. I...
  7. melliquor

    ~I love Spiced Chocolate~

    I went to the CoC event at Selfridges today and got my makeup done. I love it... it came out so wicked. The MA that did mine is so talented and my favourite MA to do it. I went to the event with another Spectra lady who got her makeup done. I got my eyebrows done today and LOVE, LOVE THEM...
  8. melliquor

    ~Dark edge of eyepopping love~

    I have been caught up with COC for the last few days. We don't get it over hear for about another 10 days but I really wanted to do the autumn look and see if I can dupe Tempting quad... I need to do something because I have so much on my list for COC. I so love this look I did today and...
  9. melliquor

    Free US Shipping Code for Mac US Site

    Does anybody have a free US shipping code for the US Mac site?
  10. melliquor

    Have you ever cheated?

    I have been married for almost six years and I love my husband very much. We do have problems in our marriage and a lot of it has to do with his personality. We argue sometimes and I am not the kind of person that argues and I hate it. He is very confrontational and argumentative... he can...
  11. melliquor

    Cool Heat meets Warm Soul for a drink

    ... I couldn't think of any other title... oh well. It serves its purpose. I really got to play with my new Cool Heat e/s today. I have been using them the last few days but didn't get to be too creative. Today... I used all of them and loved my look. Oh... sorry about my brows but I am...
  12. melliquor

    *~* Electroflash & Cool Heat Haul Part 2 ~*~

    I went back to HOF today to play with the Electroflash e/s. They are all gorgeous but only two really stood out for me. I also got the rest of my Cool Heat stuff... I BTM for the lippies. I depotted my Lure e/s and NSF but I just couldn't depot the Moonbathe ones. That is my favourite...
  13. melliquor

    ***Electroflash, Sonic Chic, Cool Heat, New View & Prada Massive Haul***

    I went on Saturday intending to get a new foundation because mine was just toooo dark for me... and GUESS WHAT... Selfridges is having a sale on all of the perfumes and EVERYTHING ELSE... INCLUDING DIOR, PRADA, GUCCI and all of them lot. I couldn't believe it . I was literally smiling from ear...
  14. melliquor

    Colour Forms

    Does anybody know if CF will be released here? Last year, Selfridges released Novel Twist but not all of it. Will we be getting the pigments? I am really only interested in those and one of the powders.
  15. melliquor

    OPI Nailpolish

    Where can you buy it in the UK... especially London? I just got one and LOVE it.
  16. melliquor

    ~*~ London Meetup *~*

    Is anybody interested in a meetup next week for the new collections. Ilovegreen and Sheperd are both interested. We can decide what we want to do after a date is set. I would love to go shopping especially for Neo Sci-fi!!! Anybody interested?
  17. melliquor

    *~* 20% off @ Mac Pro Store & Pleasureflush *~*

    Today they had the big sale down on Carnaby Street and ALL stores had 20% off of EVERYTHING... INCLUDING MAC!!!! That is bloody trouble for me because I don't need a reason to haul but I went ready today with a huge list. I had to stand in the que for about 30 minutes to get into the store and...
  18. melliquor

    *~ Why... oh why, do I go to Harrods ~*

    I should know better than to go to Harrods... especially the perfume counter. I am obsessed with perfume. If any anybody has seen my perfume post, you know I have a real problem. I spent over an hour smelling all of the perfumes and adding the ones that I like to my list. I ended up getting two...
  19. melliquor

    Pleasureflush MSF

    Just to let the UK gals know... there is a listing on Ebay for Pleasureflush. Absolute fortune though, I am so glad that I already got mine and for a little cheaper. I have attached the link for you. I have bought from that seller before and she is great. I got my Stereo Rose from her within...
  20. melliquor

    ~*~ All my little bottles of love *~*

    I am obsessed with perfume. I probably love perfume more than makeup.... . I have been collecting for about 5 years and have 64 bottles of perfume. It averages about 1 a month that a buy but that isn't true. I sometimes will buy 5 in a month and not get anything for along time. I have been given...