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  1. laylalovesmac

    Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Products

    I just ordered the makeup bag (number two of four limited editions products to be released this year) and I thought I should make a thread where we can discuss all of them! I loved the pencil set and now I'm hoping I'll love the makeup bag just as much. I'll definitely post pictures and a little...
  2. laylalovesmac

    Black pencil with green reflects?

    One of my friends recently got her makeup done by a MAC artist and they apparently used a black eyeliner that had a green reflects to it, and since I'm obsessed with MAC, they're asking me what it could be, but I've never heard of anything like it. I was thinking maybe Black Line pearlglide...
  3. laylalovesmac

    The official Happy Birthday thread :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Soul Unique LOL, not quite but it does count as my BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, Soul Unique!!!
  4. laylalovesmac

    Midsummer Dream Set?

    Sorry if there is a thread on this already, but I couldn't find one! I just saw this set on Sephora (Hungry Heart Blush Duo, Orgasm Multiple, and Adelita Nail Polish) and was wondering if anyone had tried it or the products in it? Thoughts? It's really pulling me in right now and I think the...
  5. laylalovesmac

    Help with Purple and Vampy Lipstick Shades

    I have two sets of B2M empties that I will be taking in, and I need to pick two from the following list! I'm NW15, but I'm wondering more about the formula. Which of these two are easiest to work with? Which do you reach for the most? TIA! Cyber Rebel Hang Up Media Film Noir