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  1. lyseD

    MAC Snowball Face bag Whisper of Gilt

    Anyone in Canada miss out on this? I picked this up for a friend and they changed their mind. :( Selling for $50 but according to Canada Post it will cost about $15 to ship. Brand new, still in box. Can post pictures if there is any interest.
  2. lyseD

    Mac artificial earth eye shadow

    Broke my artificial earth this morning. Anyone selling theirs please let me know.
  3. lyseD

    Chicory Lip Liner

    Hope someone can help -- I have Chicory lip liner and I never buy liner unless the MA recommends it for a specific lipstick or two but I can't remember which ones it goes with. Any suggestions/guesses? Thanks all.
  4. lyseD

    MAC X Julia Petit Collection (March 18, 2015)

    Photos from The Beauty Look Book blog. Anyone know a MAC lipstick that would look like this? Thanks for the help.