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    Help me recreate Inna's look (Pictures inside)

    I think I have somewhat of an idea on what to use. Lips: Myth/Fleshpot Eyes: Typographic (??) or Scene or Mystery or Coquette, faded out with Copperplate or Shale If I could just some other members feedback maybe I am completely off Any feedback is really appreciated. Thanks everyone...

    Please help with this Hillary Duff look

    I love this whole look. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and I am especially loving the eyes.

    Rock & Republic Jeans - How do they fit?

    I'm a Miss Sixty and Diesel girl and their sizes run super small. I'm wondering how R&R's fit since I'm gonna be purchasing them online. Since they have lyrca I'm guessing they have room to stretch so its safe to go down a size for a nice fit. Any input?

    OPI`s Wide Brush - Can I buy separately?

    I have some older bottles of OPI nail polish but I love luuuuuuvvvv the wide brush. Using the older skinny brush doesnt give me the same results that I am used to with the wider brush. Is there anywhere I can buy OPI`s Pro Wide Brush

    Yellow nail polish - Yay or Nay?

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of rocking yellow nails? I am wanting to try something new for spring/summer besides the usual corals and pinks. I think it looks cute but nervous to actually wear it myself I'm lemming OPI's "Need Sunglasses?"

    At home peels recommendations?

    Lately I am noticing that I have tiny bumps mostly on my forehead. Under normal lighting conditions you cant really tell but if I run my fingers over it or in the sun you can definately see them Do you girls have any good at home peels or scrubs that will restore my skin to being...

    MAC Brush reaction with clear nail polish?

    Has anyone had this happen to them? I put clear nail polish over the number because it started to fade and this is what happened: I've done this with all my MAC brushes but this is the first time this has happened.

    Trip to Germany/Austria from Toronto - I need TIPS!

    My boyfriend and I will be traveling to Germany (Frankfurt) and then driving down to Austria (Lake Worthersee) May 17th - 25th Any tips to take with me? Could be anything - where to eat, how to drive on the autobahn (cant wait! ) I havent been to Europe (Poland) in 20 years (since I was...

    How about these pigments...?

    I'm very iffy No pigment name is provided and the boxes (the middle box has a smaller hole than the other ones) *MAC* Lot of 3 Pro Color Eye Pigment NIB Full Size - ( item 260219342241 end time 15-Mar-08 19:49:38 EDT)

    Aloof dupe?

    I love this lippy so much I thought Hue might be close to it but its the same (to me anyways) What else would look close to it? I have an obsession with nude pink l/s Here are the pics:

    Post your 'Sephora inspired' brush holders

    Thanks to EnKore I loooooooove it Everything was on sale at Michaels and I added the yellow marbles to make it pretty (on sale too!) Here it is! For those that dont know everything you need to know is here: YouTube - Sephora Inspired Brush Holder

    Frustrated with Moistureblend

    I love looooooooove the formula and the colour is perfect but I am sooo frustrated with this product. As much as I want to work... it doesnt work on me as far as application goes. I try it with my 190 it looks wayyyyy too streaky. I find with the 187 the application is very difficult. The sponge...

    How to get this look? (PIC INSIDE)