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  1. Dollfaced

    Foundation and oily skin?

    Hi everyone, I always use moisturizer and sunscreen before my foundation, but for the past two days I haven't and let me tell you, my foundation looks freakin' great. I didn't even set it with powder. buut... Why?! My skin is always oily when I use lotion + sunscreen and I can even use primer...
  2. Dollfaced

    Estee Lauder double wear or Nars sheer matte?

    I have oily skin and I play sports, so foundation seems to disappear thought the day. At the moment, I'm using MUFE HD (almost done!) I like the finish, but I don't like how it doesn't cover red spots so well. I recently tried MUFE face&body and its REALLY great -it gives me a beeeeautiful...
  3. Dollfaced

    Some stupid questions.. [kinda pic heavy]

    I feel pretty dumb for asking this, but..I have the hardest time trying to figure out my features, which makes it sooo hard to place my make up in the right place or find colors that will complement me. I've read several articles and watched a couple of videos but they weren't very helpful. So...
  4. Dollfaced

    Hair color? -___- (a little PIC heavy!)

    <--- me blaa! I am never satisfied with my hair long enough and I constantly change it. i love cutting and dying my hair! the hard part is deciding HOW to cut or dye it. I am currently thinking about dying my hair completely black, but i'm really not so sure. Also thinking of dying the blonde...
  5. Dollfaced

    Shade of blonde for tanned skin?

    NC35/ MUFE HD 127 I need a beautiful blonde color but don't know what would best suite my complexion. Help? I'm looking for something light*
  6. Dollfaced

    Platinum Blonde hair?

    Hello! I'm attempting to get a large portion of my hair platinum However, it hasn't gone too well. My roots are light yellow and even almost white in some parts, but my ends are yellowish orange. HELP! how can i get an even platinum color? i have a box of wella white lady T18 lying around.
  7. Dollfaced

    Recs for starting our my lipstick/blush collection?

    I'm looking for some basic/must have mac lipsticks & nars/mac blushes. I already own: hue l/s brave new bronze l/s girl about town l/s prism blush nars desire blush I don't like anything too shimmery or with a frost finish. I have a somewhat tan complexion; I'm an nc37 in sff & 127 in mufe hd...
  8. Dollfaced

    I think i hate my hair.

    I really REALLY need something new. i don't want to dye my hair black anymore because it always fades. &i want to cut my bangs differently. i think i might even need to cut an inch off because it's damaged my shortest layer is right at the top of my ear don't know if i should let it grow or...
  9. Dollfaced

    Lost select cover-up cap?

    I have it in a zip lock baggie for now.. what should i do?
  10. Dollfaced

    MAC vs MUFE? (foundation & finishing powder)

    hi! i'm a make up newbie. & i need help. i don't have that much experience with either; i have a couple of things from mac & i have only own an eyeliner by mufe. i currently use mac studio sculpt foundation (nc35) & msfn (medium) to set my foundation. but my skin is getting kind of darker & i'm...