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  1. swaly

    Solutions for dried-out gel liners

    I bought many CS gel liners and found that while most of them came in great condition, a few were dry enough that they were rattling slightly around in their jar--usable, but stiff. I was also sure many of them would dry out in the near future, so I thought I'd start experimenting. I'd heard...
  2. swaly

    swaly's "unusual" lipstick thread!

    I wanted to start a thread on "unusual," goth, punk, or plain nutty lip colors. It seems it was only a year or two ago that the only colors I could track down were really cheap Halloween lipstick if I wanted blue, yellow, etc., or the limited color range of Manic Panic makeup. I probably just...
  3. swaly

    Konad special plate--all plates

    I was wondering if anyone had bought the Konad's complete large sheets of plates--like several hundred images? How do you stamp your fingernails using this sheet format--do you remove the individual plates and place them into a stamp? I've never Konaded but I'm just curious because these...
  4. swaly

    TKB Micas + Kryolan Eyeliner Sealer (pix, haul, review)

    This is my shoebox full of TKB Trading mica samples. These are the spillovers––the greens and the pale pink/flesh shades. This is Kryolan's eyeliner sealer (bottle reads "CEL SEALER"), which I just received from This is a small, lightweight metal palette I use to mix up...
  5. swaly

    Help me decide my monthly haul!

    I've been trying to lower my spending, but I can't go cold turkey so I decided to allocate about $200 every couple of months to makeup, while also selling off a LOT of my excess. (Believe me, this is a huge reduction.) My next haul is either going to be: • A face/cheek-only haul of MSFs, beauty...
  6. swaly

    Is there an e/s called "Little Mint"?

    I just got an awesome package in the mail...a 15-pan MAC palette from a very nice Specktra user. I'm kind of anal so I'm making sure everything is labeled correctly, looking up swatches so I know they're in the right order, etc. Except I can't find one on the internet, the one called "Little...
  7. swaly

    TKB/CS Mica and MAC Pigment equivalencies?

    I was wondering if any of you had any comparisons between TKB or CS micas/pigments and MAC pigments. Obviously, MAC's pigments are blended with other agents to help with its texture and adherence, but otherwise I imagine there are some similarities between TKB Trading and Coastal Scents' mica...
  8. swaly

    Will 1 tsp. or tbsp. fit into a 5 gram jar?

    I just ordered a lot of 1 tsp. and 1 tbsp. samples from Coastal Scents and TKB Trading, and I found some fairly affordable jars on eBay. The best deal is for 5 gram jars, but I can't tell if they would fit. Anyone have any experience? Thanks!
  9. swaly

    163 jars of glitter!

    I just received my package from today. They sell high-quality craft glitter. Before I post these or gush about the products or anything along those lines, I'm going to preface it by saying that THESE ARE, OF COURSE, NOT EYESAFE (or lipsafe, but it won't make you blind to swallow a...
  10. swaly

    Homemade LiquiSet/eyeliner medium/glitter glue?

    I recently bought a lot of glitter (A LOT. I'm gonna have some pics up in Hauls when my package comes!). I don't want to wear it loose, and don't really want to wear it around my eyes, but I do need a mixing medium for it that'll keep glitter in place. I know there are a lot of recipes for...
  11. swaly

    Palettes only!

    I'll keep this thread updated, since I'm going to be receiving my first MAC pro palettes + refills and depotting some old shadows, as well as some new Kryolan stuff. But so far these are the palettes I have: The photos are terrible, I know. The angles are bizarre because I was using the...
  12. swaly

    Too many monochrome e/s! Need "weird" colors!

    Hey all! Since receiving my Yaby palettes, and with a 120 palette on the way from Hong Kong, I KNOW I'll have more than enough monochrome/"straight" colors...enough to last me a lifetime of everyday experimentation. All my pro palettes of cream colors, aquacolors, eyeshadows, etc. from Mehron...
  13. swaly

    NEW! 3 Yaby palettes + 2 Kryolan lip palettes

    (haul + review + pix) I rounded out my collection of Kryolan lip palettes today when my package came (USPS from, $65 per, free shipping). I previously posted about the classic 24-shade palette I received from Dance Shopper. Today I got the pearl palette and the fashion...
  14. swaly

    Yaby vs. Coastal Scents...better value?

    The color range and pan size seem similar. Yaby gives you 40 colors for $100 whereas CS is much cheaper for twice as many colors. How do the products compare?
  15. swaly

    From black, virgin, Asian hair to white/platinum

    Layzeex's "How to take dark/black hair to platinum blond" video on YouTube! Layzee shows us how to go from black Asian hair to platinum while maintaining health (or appearance of health). She uses Goldwell Oxycur Lightener with a 30 volume developer. She tones purple with Igora Gloss Iceflower...
  16. swaly

    Isn't makeup so...weird?

    I've always been a staunch defender of beauty products, against the naysayers who proclaim going totally natural is socially or politically superior, or reflects a feminine "strength of character" and belief in one's own natural beauty. I have no problem with the use of cosmetics itself and...
  17. swaly

    Where can I buy Nfu Oh nail polish?

    I found, but I'm not sure it's the best price I could get. I saw Nfu Oh #62 in the nail polish swatch thread and I couldn't resist! Google tells me of some other RIDICULOUS, unprecedented color/glitter combinations, too! This is the link to the color collection with swatches...
  18. swaly

    Applying makeup with poor eyesight

    I'm mega-nearsighted. I take my glasses off to do my eyes and get up really, really, really close to my bathroom mirror, but I find that even so, my application looks sloppy in photos/mirrors sometimes. It's also a pain taking my glasses on and off constantly. I'm working up the nerve to switch...
  19. swaly

    Precious Pearl Palette

    Anyone see this in person? It sounds very lovely...the compact is inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and the formula contains "real crushed pearl." This is the Sephora page.
  20. swaly

    Jemma Kidd i-tech = MAC Liquidlast?

    Same packaging, same product smell, similar finish and longevity...but the part that really threw me is JK's 01/covert compared to MAC's Liquidlast in Aqualine. They are exactly, EXACTLY, the same. Even, like I said, the odor of the stuff. The other colors seemed slightly runnier than...