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  1. luvlydee

    Melt cosmetics lipsticks for sale

    US ONLY PAY PAL ONLY $3 FLAT SHIPPING FEE NO MATTER HOW MANY YOU BUY Please send me a private message with your order and your paypal email and I will send invoice :) All lipsticks are used. SEE PICTURE FOR USAGE OLD FASHION $8 STEPFORD $8 LACED $8 BY STARLIGHT (From the first release when...
  2. luvlydee

    Tory Burch Beauty

    I have been looking for a Tory Burch beauty thread but couldnt find it so if there is one please feel free to transfer this info there. Here are some pics of the lipsticks and powder...
  3. luvlydee

    RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection (October 3, 2013)

    This collection will have Special Packaging October 3rd US 9/26 MAC stores 9/30 Online 10/3 Everywhere else PRO discount applies. lipstick-$16.50 riri woo (rm) ttt-dark plum (rm) who's that chick-mid-tone orange with frost (f) nude-cool nude cream (m)...
  4. luvlydee

    RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection (June 18, 2013)

    Release: Approx. June 18 12pm est. online only **This collection will not have special packaging** Lipstick: US$15 RiRi Woo: Matte cool red (retro matte) RiRi Boy: Matte vivid lavender (retro matte) Heaux: Matte berry(retro matte) Blush Duo: US$26...
  5. luvlydee

    Sephora + Pantone Skin Color IQ

    i went into my local sephora and i found out my color IQ which all makes sense to me now. its like i see the light at the end of tunnel. basically it lets you know how light/dark your skintone is and how much yellow/red you have in it. the yellow/red number goes from 1-5 1 being the...
  6. luvlydee

    MAC nc44.5??

    i know that the US mac website has the studio fix fluid nc44.5 listed as coming soon i will try that then but i have been seeing the studio fix powder foundation in nc44.5 when i googled the shade but its not listed on the US mac website. what countries carry this shade??
  7. luvlydee

    how to safely mail depotted mac eyeshadows?

    Not sure if this is the right place to make this thread so sorry in advance. I just want to know how do you guys mail out these shadows when a specktra member buys them from you? Im thinking abouy selling mine but im scared to ship them out. Thanks!
  8. luvlydee

    MAC mobile site

    For some reason anytime i go to on my phone it takes me to the canadian website and im from the US. There is also no longer an option on the mobile site to switch to full site. Am i the only one this happened to??????
  9. luvlydee

    Double sided Pro Palette

    does anyone know where i can purchase the new pro palette that can fit two inserts?? im not a pro member so i would have to call up a pro store but i need to know which one sells it first lol. I called the nyc pro store and they didnt have it. (i was told from a freestanding store that they...
  10. luvlydee

    Ordering MUFE stuff from NYC store

    Im not a mua and i was wondering if i was able to call their ny store and order stuff to have it shipped to my house. I live in ny also but in long island and when i went over to the store it was closed (didnt know they closed on sundays). I dont feel like making the trip out there so i was...
  11. luvlydee

    MAC Royal wink Fluidline dupe?

    Im trying to get my little hands on mac royal wink fluidline but its like almost impossible. Does anyone know of a great dupe?? thanks in advance!
  12. luvlydee

    MAC 205 brush

    Does anyone know if this brush is still sold at the mac pro store and how much is it??? (this is the little brush that is used to apply mascara) Thanks for the help!
  13. luvlydee

    Consumer Insights in the Cosmetics Industry

    Hey guys, im not sure if im posting this in the right section, but i am curious to know if anyone here on specktra knows any details as to how to get a job in dealing with consumer insights in the cosmetics field. Like what is a good starting point etc?
  14. luvlydee

    WOC: MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance

    Prep & Prime Natural Radiance August 16th A gel emulsion that primes skin for makeup application with benefits that specifically cater to oily and combination skin. ideal for darker skin tones!! [info by paparazziboy]
  15. luvlydee

    Help with Ideas on how to elongate my eyes... pic included

    I think my eyes lean more towards being round than almond shape and its hard to try to make my eyes look elongated. When I try puttin color on my crease it just makes it look more round. Cat eyes are tricky for me, I can never get them right because the natural shape of my upper...
  16. luvlydee

    Inglot powder for nc44-45 skin

    Hi guys, i wanted to buy the inglot AMC pressed powder but im not sure which color to choose. Supposedly every mac artist tells me i'm nc45 even thought i find it looks too orange on me. If you have any idea what color will be good for me please reply. It can be any inglot powder but...