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  1. cindiaz

    How to use matte e/s?

    I'd like to know how can I use matte e/s,I got the Tarte Treasure chest and it has a lot of matte e/s but I don't know how to use them,please I need help.
  2. cindiaz

    macy's employee pre paid card

    Hello everyone,i'm confused with this,sorry if this is a long post. I just got hired at Macy's like a holiday support associate and they give you the option to choose a macy's credit card or a pre paid card,I asked for the pre paid because they said that they didn't check credit and I already...
  3. cindiaz

    Need Rec on Dior and Chanel e/s

    Hello,I can't afford to buy a lot of palettes but I'd love to have one Dior palette and one Chanel,or maybe two,lol,what are your recommendations?TIA
  4. cindiaz

    Stila Sale on HSN!

    Just to let you know that the Barbie Loves Stila Cans are at 19.99 on HSN and Stila is going to have a premiere in HSN on Sept,2. Forgot to add,they have some Urban Decay palettes too on sale!
  5. cindiaz

    about JCpenney employee discount in Sephora?

    Hello,i have a question: do you get the sephora discount if you work only in JCPenney not inside a Sephora? I want to work in Sephora, inside JC but just in case I don't get a job there,what if I only work in JCPenney?Thank you.
  6. cindiaz

    Where to sell a Murakami Louis Vuitton bag?

    Hello,can anyone help me,i want to sell a Murakami Louis Vuitton bag(LE pochette,i think is called) but i don't know where,like everyone else right now I need money I don't want to sell it in ebay because they take out a lot of money on fees and after that paypal fees so I'd prefer another...
  7. cindiaz

    Highlighter e/s ?

    Hi girls,i have a question for you,Do you always have to use a highlighter e/s? if not then what do you use when not using one?Thank you
  8. cindiaz

    Stila sale at!!!!

    Hi girls,just to let you know that has a an outlet sale right now,I got like 5 stila palettes(different ones) for 50 + tax and free shipping with a 50.00 dll purchase.