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  1. NutMeg


    So my boyfriend does triathlons, and my 50 year old dad did his first earlier this month. So I've decided to run one on September 6th. My boyfriend will be doing an Olympic, which is 1500 m swim, 40 km bike, and 10 km run. My dad and I will be doing a Sprint, which is a 750 m swim, 20 km bike...
  2. NutMeg

    Little Nailpolish Haul

    I have been so stressed out and tired with school lately, that yesterday I decided I was getting some makeup, and that I could just find some room in my budget! I ordered from Transdesign, the first time I've ordered from them: All China Glaze: Emerald Sparkle Rodeo Fanatic BFF TTYL LOL Street...
  3. NutMeg

    BC Heat wave

    Anyone else in Metro Vancouver, the island, or even the interior who is dying right now? Right now I'm just sitting in my house sweating and drinking ice water.
  4. NutMeg

    I want my boobs back!

    I was about 5 pounds heavier than normal after Christmas. At some point between then and the beginning of May, I lost that 5 pounds and was back at my ideal weight. In the past month I've lost between 10-15 pounds on top of that which I did not have to loose. I'm not sure how much because I...
  5. NutMeg

    Feeling like a bad person

    Oh man. My life just hit the rails, and it's all happened in about two weeks. I can't believe I'm in the situation that I'm in. I just finished my second year of university, and my residence contract didn't get renewed so I had to choose between staying in Vancouver for the summer and finding a...
  6. NutMeg

    Staying awake!

    I'm making coffee, and am about to pack a lunch and make some popcorn for a snack because I'm doing a night shift at the Crisis Centre tonight. Basically there are regular distress lines for my city, and we also answer calls on a province wide suicide hotline. One of my buddies from my training...
  7. NutMeg

    What happens to your body if you drink a Coke right now?

    I thought this was great. If you need any encouragement to stop drinking pop, here you go. What Happens to Your Body if You Drink a Coke Right Now?
  8. NutMeg

    Human Slinky

    This is a little random and weird, but aside from the annoying gasps from the audience, pretty cool. Human Slinky
  9. NutMeg

    I'm sick.

    So I have a fever, and I'm really exhausted, and I feel like crap. But I look perfectly fine because I have no visible symptoms, so I end up looking like a whiner. And I have a midterm tomorrow. Wah wah wah, pity me. That is all. I'll stop being a baby now.
  10. NutMeg

    I am so upset.

    So I talked to my mum this morning, and apparently my dog is getting put down today. I'm really upset, we got him when I was six. It's definitely not a surprise, he's 14 and an outdoor dog, and he's got really bad arthritis. But still, I live in another province and I'm not going to get to say...
  11. NutMeg

    Retail and crime... Interesting article

    Hey guys, I started reading this article and found it more interesting than I was expecting. Let me know what you think. He helps battle retail's crime wave --
  12. NutMeg

    Any headache sufferers?

    When I was kid I always took it for granted that people got headaches all the time, and it still boggles me when people say they've never had one. I think I'm going to get a migraine in the next couple of days and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. My diet and stress levels haven't been...
  13. NutMeg

    Check this waterfall out!

    Ok, this blew my easily amused mind. Enjoy. Creative Waterfall
  14. NutMeg

    Long Distance Relationship Support Thread

    Hey everybody! As promised, here is our very own source of love and support for those who are in a long distance relationship. Even if you haven't been in a LDR (Yes, I am using an acronym), or if you have in the past, feel free to stop in! Ok, my name is Meg. My bf and I have been dating for...
  15. NutMeg

    FYI: "Surprise Ingredients in Fast Food"

    I thought this was interesting. Surprise Ingredients In Fast Food It goes over some stuff that you might want to know about if you eat a lot of fast food.
  16. NutMeg

    "Plastic Soup"

    Check this out. oskar lewis weblog » plastic soup They mention a couple times that the size of the patches aren't confirmed, but are plausible. Holy shit.
  17. NutMeg

    Do you use plastic bags at the grocery store? I don't. I have a fabric bag, and I always bring my back pack and chuck the heavy stuff in there. I only have to shop for one, but I go often enough that it's not hard to fit everything in two big bags.
  18. NutMeg

    Going to see Bob Dylan!!!

    Oh my god, I am so excited. I'm going on Friday with one of my best friends. I have a disturbing amount of love for Bob Dylan, and even though I really can't afford it I'm afraid that if I don't see him now, he'll end up being one of those dead groups/artists who I've always wanted to see but...
  19. NutMeg

    Yay for performing!

    So I had a concert yesterday. I play french horn in the UBC Concert Winds Ensemble, and I got to play in the Chan Centre which is this absolutely beautiful theatre on the UBC campus. It was awesome! It went really well, better than most concerts go. This is what I wore. Bad pic I know...
  20. NutMeg

    When I wear sweats to class...

    I don't want to look like a complete slob! So I did this. A little retarded I know, but it shows how non-existant my shadow is. Eyes: Aristocrat Mineralize eyeshadow, Raven liner, Revlon mascara Face: Mineralize foundation, Shimpagne and Petticoat MSF Lips: Venetian lipglass