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  1. xxManBeaterxx

    Do you wax, thread, or tweeze?

    Mods: I wasn't sure where this post belongs in, so feel free to move at your discretion. Ever since i could remember i tweezed my eyebrows and i was never 100% pleased with the result. I just discovered the world of yelp and i found this amazing waxer who specializes with asian eye brows...
  2. xxManBeaterxx

    My first non mac haul!! kind of..

    I haven't hauled since last years Hello Kitty collection Benefit Legally bronze kit Two Faced Bronzed and Beautiful Tow Faced Walk of Shame Shu Uemura 24k eyelash curler Givenchy Fleur De Frangipanier - Its soo gorgeous!!!! Rosebud Salve Smashbox Bright Eyed MAC Haul thanks to LC for the...
  3. xxManBeaterxx

    ...You asked for all of it...

    Thinking about separating from my husband but i don't want him to think i want a divorce. Recently we've been fighting a lot but it all started to fall apart on my birthday. It was on sunday, when he came home from work at 2pm i asked him if he had any surprises for me for the night that way i...
  4. xxManBeaterxx

    OPI no longer sold wholesale/online

    I read an article somewhere saying OPI wanted to reestablish itself as a higher end nail polish brand so they lawyered up forcing websites such as 8ty8beauty and transdesign to stop all sales of OPI nail polish. Last time I checked, 8ty8 already stopped selling OPI and all OPI was on...
  5. xxManBeaterxx

    Drivers License - To smile or not to smile?

    Did you smile? Not smile? I'm getting my license renewed and i've never smiled in ID photos and i end up looking like a half sleepy criminal.
  6. xxManBeaterxx

    I'm a foster mom!

    Since losing my job, I became a temporary stay at home mom, we decided to become foster parents since we had an extra room to spare (I have a 6 year old and 8 month old twins) I had no idea that it was such a long and arduous process... Full medical check, psychological testing, criminal...
  7. xxManBeaterxx

    Nude-colored eyeliner

    Im looking for a nude colored eyeliner to line my lower water line, but i cant seem to find a good brand that sells them. Mac used to have a beautiful nude champange eyeliner, but they've discontinued it..
  8. xxManBeaterxx

    Airport luggage theives

    I had a connecting flight from Honolulu to Chicago then Chicago to Newark. My plane arrived 45 minutes late and it couldnt make it to my connecting flight in time... so somehow my luggage got lost in the Chicago airport. When the airport finally found it 3 days later, 30% of my crap was...
  9. xxManBeaterxx

    What was your biggest MAC accident?

    Im in total disbelief... So long story short. Im 7 months pregnant I've been getting strong labor pains so the doctor put me on bed rest, it looks like im about to give birth soon so I decided to stay at my mom's place for the next few weeks since my husband works all day and I need a lot of...
  10. xxManBeaterxx

    Need recs on sky blue & turquoise nail polishes

    Im looking for opaque nail polishes in turquoise and sky blue/light blue colors! Mainly these brands OPI/China Glaze/Orly since i can easily get them from 8ty8beauty ^_^
  11. xxManBeaterxx

    You choose the names!!

    After killing myself trying to chug down a liter of water in 1 hour i finally found out the sex the twins. A boy and a girl, seriously it must be something in the water. Also im 2 weeks further along than i orginally thought.. Even buying a book of 1000+ baby names i still cant decide...
  12. xxManBeaterxx

    Help me choose between these 2 jeans!

    Ok so right now i'm FAT im 4 months pregnant but i look like im about 6 months so these jeans are definately not for me. My cousins birthday is on feb 14 and i want to buy her a pair of jeans and boots but i cant decide >.> if it helps any shes going to be 24 Jeans #1 Jeans #2 too...
  13. xxManBeaterxx

    John Travolta's son dies...

    John Travolta's son named Jett passed way this Friday while the family was vacationing in the Bahamas... It was said that he suffered from a seizure and hit his head on the bath tub.. He was 16 years old.. Many have speculated he was autistic. Travolta's choice of religion called...
  14. xxManBeaterxx

    Neighbors and their gdam barking dogs!!!!!

    I recently moved into a new house 1 1/2 weeks ago. And my neighbor who lives in the back of me has 3 dogs. They bark all morning, all afternoon, all night, and im sick of it. Should i call the humane society? The cops? What should i do? Should i go over there and poke trouble? Two of the...
  15. xxManBeaterxx

    Popular MAC products everyone seems to love but you?

    I know of a couple of mac products that many people on specktra seem to love but it just doesnt work for me. -Petticoat -Stark naked -amber lights -Fix+ -Hue & girl about town lipsticks Whats yours?
  16. xxManBeaterxx

    Dupe for apres sol lipstick?

    Here is a pic of it Any color that is similar to it? I love this lipstick so much but im running low Its sort of a bronzey golden peach color.
  17. xxManBeaterxx

    What are your favorite holiday songs?

    I'm trying to fill up my ipod with some christmas songs. So far ive only got a few songs from the carpenters, celine dion, christina, and mariah carey. Any suggestions? I know there are probably 1,000 different artists who sang the christmas song so a favorite artist would be helpful!
  18. xxManBeaterxx

    Guys have it good. [Pregnancy sickness]

    Everything makes me nauseous, i can't eat, and if someone just thinks about eating near me i have to throw up some where because i cant stand the smell of food right now. I feel like i havent eaten in 5 years, i cant even drink water without it coming back up. And this is only the beginning...
  19. xxManBeaterxx

    Guess the lip colors!

    #1. #2. #3. If anyone has even the slightest idea about the lip color let me know, i've been looking for my HG lipcolor for years now. Thanks for the suggestions
  20. xxManBeaterxx

    The wood on my mac 259 brush cracked in half...

    I bought this brush roughly around 2 1/2 years ago from a MAC store. I hardly ever use it... Today when i was going through my drawer there was a slight crack down the middle of the wood and a line of black paint came off and the handle... what could cause this? T___T