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  1. cupcake_x

    Job interview

    Hi everyone! I have a job interview at Macys for a beauty advisor position (I believe its the Dior counter) tomorrow. I'm not sure what to expect, what to bring, what to wear, etc.. this is my first job interview and I'm feeling both nervous and excited. I was going to wear a black skirt, black...
  2. cupcake_x

    Real Housewives series

    I guess the old thread got deleted? Who watches this show? My favorite is NJ and NY. I can't get into Atlanta and OC. What about you all?
  3. cupcake_x

    LA Ink inspired!

    Hi everyone! I'm obsessed with LA Ink.. I especially love Amy Nicoletto, one of the tattooers on the show. So, let's cut to the chase: I used: Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance MACs Nylon e/s Kat von D's True Romance Collection in Rad Purple e/s Make-Up Forever's #92 MACs Carbon e/s Kat von...
  4. cupcake_x

    My basic everyday pin-up look

    Here's my basic pin-up look! I love anything from a different time period so look is just so me. Also, can I get some CC on my brows? I can never get them right and would love some help. Eyes: UDPP (primer) MACs Nylon eyeshadow (lid and brow bone) Milani RunwayEyes Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Black...
  5. cupcake_x

    Sexy Little Things & Sexy Little Things Noir by Victorias Secret

    I accidently posted this on the review forums.. Hopefully this works, I feel like a complete moron I'm obsessed with these two fragrances. My signature has been the original Sexy Little Things and now I might have to switch to the new Sexy Little Things Noir. Both are so sexy and smell...
  6. cupcake_x

    Interracial couple denied marriage liscense-

    -by justice of peace who claims he's "not racist". What are your thoughts on this? I posted a few different articles on the same issue. Interracial couple denied marriage license by justice of peace, who is "not a racist." Why? He lets his black friends use his bathroom. - Feministing...
  7. cupcake_x

    Fit in your jeans by Friday/Kim Kardashian workout DVDs

    Has anyone tried this series yet? Luckily for me, they are on Comcast OnDemand for free. So if you have OnDemand, go to the Sports & Fitness section. For those who haven't tried it, I think they're great! They show very effective moves and after 15 my thighs and butt were SO sore. It's also...
  8. cupcake_x


    I just discovered this and thought this little blog was the cutest thing. I just had to share it with you all. I can't help giggling and getting all ^______^ whenever I see the adorable pictures. Now I want some little tooth statues that look just like them for my bedroom. MY MILK TOOF BLOG
  9. cupcake_x

    Another recreation of Kat von D

    I got so many nice responses on my first tame Kat von D look (I was so happy and giggly about all the nice comments!) that I had to do a "fierce" Kat face. I love it and I loved how i felt in it! I wanna do this again and go out sometime. Also, I want some stars tattooed on my face now Except...
  10. cupcake_x

    Getting in the pin-up modeling industry?

    Hey guys So I've always been interested in 1940s and 50s ever since I was tiny. The whole burlesque and pinup culture is now slowly turning into an obsession, and since I'm turning 18 in a few weeks I'd love to start getting into pinup modeling. The thing is, I'm pretty short (5'2"), I have...
  11. cupcake_x

    At home laser treatments?

    Does anyone know anything about at-home laser treatments? I've only seen Tria brand at-home lasers and was wondering what everyones thoughts were? Tria Laser Hair Removal- Home Laser Hair Removal, Tria Reviews TRIA Beauty
  12. cupcake_x

    Why yes, I do love driving you crazy.

    Hi everyone Haven't posted an FOTD in a little while so I decided to do one tonight. Eyes: Kat von D Beethoven palette. Lid: Kat von D in Tequila Crease: Lucifer, Galeano, Sinner and Rad purple Brow bone: Tequila again Face: StudioFix, Too Faced Bronzer and Prestige blush Lips: Avon lipstick...
  13. cupcake_x

    "Oxiclean" man Billy Mays dies at 50

    Billy Mays (the TV pitchman who did the Oxiclean and orange glo commercials and infomercials) died today.. Fire rescue crew pronounced him dead at 7:45 AM this morning. Death is still unclear. TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at Florida home - Yahoo! News
  14. cupcake_x

    Bee Luscious

    I didn't see a thread about it yet, but I thought I would post something. Has anyone tried the products? I've heard things here and here, but I get a creepy feeling about the company. Is it any good?
  15. cupcake_x

    "How to live to 100"

    I found this on Yahoo's homepage and thought I'd share it. They make a lot of excellent points that I didn't even think of. The green words are links that you can click and they will redirect you to Yahoo! Health. Quote: The biggest factor that determines how well you age is not your...
  16. cupcake_x

    Clean House

    Anyone else like this show? I'm obsessed with it- Niecy Nash is so fabulous, I rocked a flower in my hair a week ago in honor of her! I can't wait for the Messiest Homes in America special.
  17. cupcake_x

    I need some CC on my brows and...

    ...My sh*tty attempt at a crease cut. I think? Whenever I try to do a crease cut this is what comes out I have been drawing on my brows (half of them, at least) and need to know how to improve or what to change. What I used: Eyes: UDPP, Carbon, Nylon, Brun, Plushlash, Lashblast, LA Looks...
  18. cupcake_x

    In law stories?

    I know there's a mother in law drama thread, but the stories don't have to be specifically about the mama in law (it doesn't even have to be an in-law for that matter.. My boyfriend and I have been together for years but aren't married.. However, we consider our parents our "in-laws" :lol), or...
  19. cupcake_x

    Toned down Zombie Girl inspired make-up!

    I never wear brights but I had the urge after viewing the inspiration and HAD to bust out my bright shadows! One day I'm gonna wear it as she's wearing it and not a more tame version Inspiration- she's the owner of Zombie Girl Hair Accessories, which is a really awesome hair accessories...
  20. cupcake_x

    Cities in dust

    Eyes: UDPP, L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner, Plushlash, Nylon e/s on browbone and lid, Deep Truth e/s on crease and Stud brow liner and Brun e/s on eyebrows Face: Studio fix and Janes blush in Roses Lips: High Tea l/s *blush* @ Dirty laundry and hamper in background