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  1. InspiredBlue

    New, earlier monthly release date for MAC in Sweden

    Important news my dear local addicts: The monthly collection releases will be on the 8th of each month from now at the Swedish counters. This will start on July 8th with In the Groove, so don't miss out! (The information is confirmed by a trainer.)
  2. InspiredBlue

    Topshop Makeup line launched today

    Home - Topshop What do you think? Will you try it?
  3. InspiredBlue

    Turquoise Jewel e/s? Is it a working name?

    My sister got this at a MAC press event. (This was last year I think, so it's not from upcoming collections.) It's definitely real, but the only mention I can find of it online is someone selling another "sample" on evilbay. Does this exist under another name? In that case what is it? (Yes...
  4. InspiredBlue

    Wanna see the next generation iPhone?

    Someone lost a prototype for the gen 4 iPhone in a bar () and Gawker's Gizmodo has gotten hold of it! [Edit: The "lost in a bar" story might or might not be true. Before anyone reading this gets all fired up and start accusing me of promoting illegal activity, take a deep breath. That's the...
  5. InspiredBlue

    Do Lauder head office employees get discounts?

    This might be a silly question but I have been wondering if those who work for Lauder on the head office level get any discounts on products or other perks like that?
  6. InspiredBlue

    How is Forever21 sizing?

    I am lemming a couple of tops I found on the Forever21 website, but I have no idea what size I would be? I usually wear 38 in tops from H&M, or a medium. I don't like my tops super tight, so I am tempted to just get the large, but I'm afraid it will be super big. (I had a bad experience with a...
  7. InspiredBlue

    Best place to buy MAC in Denver, Colorado?

    A friend will be in Denver in April, and I want them to get me some things from MAC while there. Could someone local please tell me if the MAC store (or the two counters) in Cherry Creek mall are any good? (Since my friend is familiar with Cherry Creek, that would be the best option.) Or should...
  8. InspiredBlue

    Heidi Montag in a hillarious PSA

    Here's Heidi Montag in a PSA advocating credit card reform: AdFreak: Heidi Montag mocks herself in financial PSA This actually makes me dislike her a little bit less. Good stuff.
  9. InspiredBlue

    Disappearing posts?

    Today I discovered that I am now listed as the thread starter for this: Obviously I'm not, since my first post in there, which is now also the whole threads first post, is a reply. The person who posted the thread still appears as the third...
  10. InspiredBlue

    What samples have you loved enough to get full sizes?

    I was inspired by the "what have you hit pan on"-discussion in Cosmetics Discussion to start this thread. I know many of those of us who use mineral products buy a ton of samples and often end up moving on to the next thing instead of getting a full size of a color when the sample runs out. So...
  11. InspiredBlue

    Pink lips for rainy days

    I had trouble getting the colors in the eye photo to show up, because the light is so gray today, but hopefully you get the idea. Face: Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline foundation in Sleek Siamese Everyday Minerals Intensive Fair concealer Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust Bare Minerals Warmth...
  12. InspiredBlue

    Just one day out of life, It would be so nice

    NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk Pure Luxe Lemon e/s Pure Luxe Tangerine e/s Pure Luxe Fruit Punch e/s Pure Luxe Sassy e/s Meow Cosmetics Rainforest Bromeliad e/s NYX Highlight e/s Blacktrack H&M White eyeliner pencil Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara (Whoa, my eye is huge. Oh well, at least...
  13. InspiredBlue

    NYmag: M.A.C. Makeup for Fashion Week

    I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but I thought it might interesting to the addicts. Behind the Scenes: Testing M.A.C. Makeup for Fashion Week -- The Cut: New York Magazine's Fashion Blog
  14. InspiredBlue

    I'll face it with a grin, I'm never giving in

    I have the cold from hell today, but I have to go in to work for a meeting. So I felt I needed to paint on some extra fierceness. UDPP NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate light silvery gray, darker gray and black e/s from matte 88 palette NYX Highlight e/s NYX Purple e/s Blacktrack fuidline L'Oreal...
  15. InspiredBlue

    My blue eyes

    Here is my EOTD. This is my first time posting my makeup, so I'm a little nervous, but I hope you like it. My hair is all over the place, I don't know what happened. UDPP NYX Jumbo pencil in Baby blue as a base Eyeshadows are all from Pure Luxe, since I wanted to try them out. from inner...
  16. InspiredBlue

    How often should I re-color my hair?

    I colored (lightened) my hair at home, for the first time in my life, about 20 days ago. I'm now wondering how often I should/could redo this? My natural color has become more of a dark blonde over the years, and I have been indoors all summer and gotten none of the natural highlights I usually...
  17. InspiredBlue

    What are the 10 must have NYX eyeshadows?

    I want to get some NYX stuff from Cherry Culture, since they have a sale right now. But there are so many colors! So, what are the 10 must have colors in NYX eyeshadows?
  18. InspiredBlue

    Hi there!

    I've been lurking around here for a few weeks and decided to start participating a bit more. I've recently gotten more into doing my makeup. Before I just used my mineral foundation, concealer, blush, mascara and I was done. It's not a bad look for me, but I just want to look more put...