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  1. nursee81

    confused and lonely

  2. nursee81

    LOL look

    I will update later what products I used.
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    Another PRO Class today

    I will be going to another PRO Class today the class is Make up essentials I can't wait for later to see how the class goes. I am really trying to work myself up to go and apply at MAC. The class is described as [i]Whether working in Bridal, Film, TV, Beauty, or Headshots, the ability to...
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    Blooming lovely keeper?

    I went and picked up my goodies today from nordies and I add Blooming Lovely and English Accent and I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not any suggestions. Eyes- Too Faced Shadow Insurance Painterly paint pot Naked lunch on lid Modelette on crease Brown Down in V Chromaline Black Black Face-...
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    I need a new camera

    While I was taking pics today for my blog and to post my recent haul here. My daughter picked it up when I walked away and dropped it and now its reading lens error. It's a a Nikon Cool pix but now I'm debating what kind of camera to get b/c this one is out of warranty. I would have to replace...
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    Benefit, KK and Sephora

    Went to Sephora today and did a little haul. I haven't used any of the products expect for the perfume. I got the Benefit Legally Bronze, next I got the Kim Kardashian Eau de parfun roller ball and last but not least I got the Beautyinsider birthday gift. The gift set came with all full size...
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    SFC look

    hey I decided to share a look I did today with my SFC collection I used on my eyes Straw harvest Perky Tempting yellow pigment from the stack 2 and brule on my face I used MUFE F&B Ripe peach MSF natural Fix+ Lips Fresh Salmon Little Devil please comment thanks
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    Pro Bridal Make up class

    Hey ladies and gents, I will be going to this class on wed down at the south beach location are any of you guys going? I think it will be a great class especially that I am doing a friends make up for her upcoming wedding.
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    Lady Gaga with partial pink

    Lady gaga on lips with partial pink lg vanilla pigment on lid folie in crease modellette as highlight mufe hd blunt to contour stark naked bpb candle light msf msf natural black track fluid line Bare essential mascara Attachment 10666 Attachment 10665
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    new purple quad look

    this is a look that i did with the new purple quad that came out with the spring forecast collection. I will list products later my lil baby is not feeling well so I am about to get her some meds. Attachment 10644 Attachment 10643
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    Brazilian Keratin treatment

    do anyone have any good and reliable information on this? What are some good brands to buy or use. I am trying to get it done or do it myself. So what are ur recommendations. TIA
  12. nursee81

    Clinique GWP

    For all of the Clinique ladies and gents out there Clinique will be having the gifts with purchase now. Dillards just finished theirs this past week. Macy*s is next will the following gift Macy*s Oct 6, 2009 w/ a $21.50 purchase 1. Cometic bag in either red or green apples 2. Companion Bag...
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    feeling lost

    i am writing this because maybe someone on here will be able to help me and give me some good advice. I'm 28 yrs old and the mother to 3 girls that I love with all of my heart. I'm married to their their father who I do love and care for. This is my problem every now and then I feel like I'm...
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    MAC skincare

    Hey guys I was wondering how do you guys like MAC's skincare products? I have never used them before. I am starting to run low on a few skin care products and was thinking of giving mac a try. What are your experience good or bad?
  15. nursee81

    MAC lightful skincare

    Has anyone tried any of these products yet. I finally saw them at my fs MAC and got a sample of the face wash and I actually like it I am thinking about getting one when my purity runs out. Does anyone have any input on any of the products from this line?
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    Holiday collection cool eyes

    This is a look I did with the 2008 cool eyes pallet. I dont remember the colors I will post them later.
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    Color Craft Pic and haul

    So I went and bought a few thing and will be going back for some others. So far I go: Eccentricity Natural Flare Made With Love Cheeky Bronze Warm Blend Fad-Dabulous 131 226 In the Pic I am wearing the Eccentricity MES (Dark purple onlid, brown in crease, lighter purple in crease also, fluid...
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    I need a new laptop

    Hey guys I haven't been posting much just been busy with school and work. Especially now that I have had to pick up extra shifts at work due to my DH losing his job about 2 wks ago. But with all of this going on I need a new laptop a virus took over my old one and it not repairable at all. I...
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    Microfine refinisher

    has any one used this before? if so how well does it work? I was using the philosophy one and I am done with it so I needed a new exfoliator so I was thinking about this one. Any input would be great I was also thinking about getting the origins modern friction. which would you guys suggest.
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    I just got back from my rose romance hauling and got a few things I exchange my Face and Body foundation to C6, And also got Circa plum p/g, shadowy lady, creme de violet,Et tu bouquet?, virgon kiss l/g, just a pinch gel and secret crush. I had stuck the thing in my daughter easter basket and...