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  1. mjacqueline

    Anna Sui Cosmetics

    Anna Sui Spring 2012 Rose Cheek Color in 301, 400 and 600 Swatches 301 400 600
  2. mjacqueline


    Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX 06 Usuchaori Palette Swatches
  3. mjacqueline

    Burberry Beauty Swatches

    Burberry Lip Cover in Dusty Rose No. 10
  4. mjacqueline

    Shiseido swatches

    Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color in VI305 Purple Dawn Swatches
  5. mjacqueline

    My MAC and Urban Decay Haul

    MAC Just A Pinch Cheek gel, Baby Sparks and Girl's Delight Dazzleglass. Urban Decay
  6. mjacqueline

    Need help with UDPP that has dried up

    I managed to salvage one and a half 5g jars of UDPP when I thought my tube had no more. Well the UDPP was creamy for a while and now its so difficult to blend on my lids. I tried heating it up with a hairdryer, totally didn't work at all. Does this mean I have to throw out my jars?
  7. mjacqueline

    N Collection Haul

    My first big haul after Barbie last year. Light Flush MSF Warmed MSF Nanogold e/s Neutral Pink e/s Remotely Grey e/s Stubborn Brown pp Soft Oche PP 4N l/s (not in pic)
  8. mjacqueline

    Guerlain Meteorites

    Mine is taking forever to finish and they are the mini versions. Has anyone ever finished theirs?
  9. mjacqueline

    Recc for Waterproof eyeliner

    I tear alot. My eye makeup and eyeliner on the inner lid smudges badly. Sometimes its so bad a portion of my eye makeup disappears. I tried Liquid Last but I just don't know how to use the brush. It gets all over my eye lashes. UDPP under paint pots, shadesticks, paints, I've tried them all...
  10. mjacqueline

    I cheated on MAC!!!

    MAC just haven't held my interest lately. I think I kinda OD on Barbie. This is what my dear hubby got for me when he went overseas. He is such a sweetheart. Travel exclusives from the airport: BB Rose Shimmerbrick and mini face blender Guerlain Meteorites Clinique Defining POwer mascara MAC...
  11. mjacqueline

    What is your favourite Cargo Blush?

    I'm crazy over blushers for the time being and heard great things about Cargo blush. What are your favourite colours?
  12. mjacqueline

    What can I pair with Aqualine?

    I couldn't resist buying this although I have Peacocky already. What eye colours should I pair this with?
  13. mjacqueline

    Whitening and Deep Hydration Masks

    Just curious, do you ladies in the US have them? They are usually soaked with essence and you just place them on your face for about 10 mins and let it work it wonders on you. I love them, they are convenient and best of all you don't have to wash the residue off. I'm current'y using L'Oreal's...
  14. mjacqueline

    My precious! (Pic Heavy)

    I get a great sense of enjoy looking at my stash. To think in the beginning of 2005, all I had were Tilt, Swish and Beauty Marked, and Hug Me lipstick. My has it grown. I have to thank Specktra for it. I was bored in the morning so finally took pictures of all my makeup. My makeup...
  15. mjacqueline

    Spunsilver Glitter Liner Combo?

    Could anyone suggest what eyeshadows I could pair Spunsilver with? I'm completely hopeless!
  16. mjacqueline

    Do I need Shade?

    I have Forever Green powerpoint and wonder are they similar, do I still need to get Shade? Between Dipdown and Shade which would be a better colour to buy?
  17. mjacqueline

    How often should I clean my Foundation and Concealor brush?

    I put on makeup everyday so do I wash my brushes everyday? Will that damage my babies eventually? Someone suggested I clean it with the MAC brush cleaner after every use and wash them every week. Is that right? I have acne prone skin so am worried that that could break me out. Thanks!
  18. mjacqueline

    Hi all!

    I just have to say what a wonderful forum this is. Its been feeding my lust for MAC. ops: