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  1. me_jelly

    Traincase and care recs

    Could anyone recommend a decent sized traincase that is sturdy enough for travel? As well, what if you get makeup residue or spill something on the interior lining of your traincase? If it's a velvety material, could you get it damp/wet and use any cleaning agents? Thanks, ladies!
  2. me_jelly

    Studio Fix Fluid

    Does Studio Fix Fluid foundation run darker than other MAC foundations/concealers? I am a NC35 in the Studio finish concealer, but it seems that even the NC30 in the SFF is a bit too dark for me! Would NC25 in SFF be too light? (For reference, I'm medium oilve skin with yellow/golden...
  3. me_jelly

    Paints drying out?

    Just wondering, how long do the paints tend to stay fresh and creamy inside the tube if it's sealed (i.e. haven't poked the hole yet). I have an extra that probably won't get used until 1-2 years from now (a little goes a long way!) lol. TIA!
  4. me_jelly

    The Pigment Junkie's Flashtronic Haul/Review

    Here's another haul/review for the Flashtronic Collection: MSF: Global glow - beautiful! On my NC35 skin, it's a glowy (not glittery and oily, thank god!) bronzy gold that would be great over a warm-toned blush or on its own as a bronzer Mineralized e/s: First of all, I was a little...
  5. me_jelly

    The Pigment Junkie's Rushmetal Haul

    So being the pigment queen that I am, I couldn't help but get 6 of the rushmetal pigments. I even swatched my hands before going to the store full of past permanent/LE pigments that I thought might be dupes of the rushmetal ones lol. Here's what I swatched from my collection and how I...
  6. me_jelly

    Lustering vs. Impassioned l/s

    I would love to get a brighter pink lippie (but not too cool-toned or pure fuchsia) and was wondering what the difference in color is between the two and which one is a warmer shade - for reference, I'm NC 35 with pigmented pinky-mauve lips.
  7. me_jelly

    Light Pink l/l

    Does anyone have any good recs for a light/soft pink lipliner? - I LOVE cranberry l/l (on me, it's a medium pink without any blue/plum/beige/brown undertones, so it's perfect) and am looking for approximately the same type of pink but perhaps several shades lighter to go with my lighter pink...
  8. me_jelly

    Berry lips

    I'm looking for a mid-tone berry (for day wear) that does not lean toward the really cool purplish/plum side. I've tried craving and captive so far and both look almost bluish-violet tinged plum on me =( I'm looking for something with more pinkish or reddish tones in it instead of being too...
  9. me_jelly

    To toss or not to toss..

    Alright girls and boys, how many of you actually toss various makeup products in your collection when they have reached their "recommended" shelf-life? If so, which products? I'm especially curious about those with really large collections - I don't know about you, but some of those...
  10. me_jelly

    Coral Lipliner rec

    I love my Vegas Volt and Eager l/s but I don't exactly have lipliners that's similar to the color of the lipsticks...currently I'm using creme sherry, which doesn't alter the color of either (which is a good thing cuz I love their colors just the way they are), but I'm looking for a liner(s)...
  11. me_jelly

    Traincase and brush rolls

    I'm looking to purchase a traincase to store makeup when I'm on the go (not for storing my collection around the house). I "may" be temporarily moving to another country for a few years and want to take my makeup along. I'm looking for a hard or metal outter one that's perhaps not HUGE in size...
  12. me_jelly

    A lipstick's life..

    I was re-organizing my makeup collection today and became curious about the life-span of a full tube of lipstick - by life-span I mean the approximate number of times you can apply a lipstick until it's all used up. Anyone know?
  13. me_jelly

    Rec for soft pink lipstick/gloss

    I'm looking for a MAC soft pink lipstick and gloss (to go with it) that's perhaps more on the warmer side (instead of really cool-toned). I don't usually prefer frost finishes. I'm NC35 with medium pigmented pinky-mauve lips. So far I've tried sweetie (too cool-toned), angel (too pale), and...
  14. me_jelly

    Concealer rec

    I'm still in search of the perfect full-coverage concealer for covering up acne scarring (reddish to dark brown) and won't make me break out (I have really oily skin..and sensitive too). I'm currently using BE foundation/multi-tasking minerals but I want something even better than the...
  15. me_jelly

    Purple recs

    I have another makeup rec for a certain dress, yet again, for another wedding (so many this summer!) - it's a darkish purple/plum(kinda coolish in color, but not a blue-violet) chiffon dress. I'm not too sure what colors to go with for eyes/lips/cheeks. I'm open to purple eyes or other...
  16. me_jelly

    Curling lashes

    Here's a question I'm dying to know the answer to - are you suppose to curl your lashes BEFORE mascara or AFTER or both? I'm been curling them before mascara all my life but ran into someone yesterday who said that I should do it afterwards? Sometimes I find that after curling my lashes and...
  17. me_jelly

    Makeup rec for attending wedding

    I'll be attending an evening wedding in the summer and will be wearing a jewel toned teal dress (the color is a very rich) with silver shoes and was wondering what to do with my makeup - I don't want the eyes to be too bold in color for this occasion (I have brown eyes). I was thinking maybe...
  18. me_jelly

    MAC recs for everything coral/peachy =)

    Skintone: NC30/35 I've been in a coral/peach frenzy so I'm looking for everything corally and peachy...get ready for a long rec request: Any recs for good coral or peach lipsticks? I prefer it to have more orangy and peach undertones rather than too much pinky undertone. I'm open to subtle...
  19. me_jelly

    Wedding reception

    I know you're not suppose to wear white since that's the bride's color, but can you wear black, burgundy or red to an evening wedding reception? (formal)
  20. me_jelly


    Anyone ever have trouble with the slingback straps slipping off your heel when you walk? I hate when this happens (which is for most slingbacks) because I really love the look. I have a few pairs that keep doing that and usually I fix it by putting a stick on strap on the back, but the straps...