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  1. kimmy

    i don't know why i am ever not wearing red lips

    elf brown mascara + milani medium eyebrow powder benefit badgal plum mac pure vanity lipglass elf brown mascara + milani medium brow powder buxom lash mac powerhouse plushglass
  2. kimmy

    kim kardashian self tanner

    i hate to say it, but i tried it on at sephora and i liked it. it turned a nice golden colour on me, like how my skin would naturally tan. buuut i don't know if it's safe to use on my face? i want to know before i buy a tube since it's so expensive. anyone know?
  3. kimmy

    i am totally failing at life

    well, working out life at least. i used to work out every other day AT LEAST. hardcore workouts, too. for the past few months i've just completely dropped it though and i'm seeing the effects. i'm still thin, but i'm getting a little bit of a gut (well, not getting. it's very much there...
  4. kimmy

    New FOTD Challenges!

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, the monthly Specktra contests are back! Back and better than ever, now integrated into a year long contest. Here's how it'll work: Each month, a new challenge will be posted and stickied at the top of the Member FOTDs > Challenges! subforum. In that thread...
  5. kimmy

    March 2010 - Spring Colour Forecast

    Your objective this month is to create a look using one of MAC's Spring Colour Forecast colours. Will you choose pink, coral, plum or amber? Pick the one you think fits the season best and create a face to match! Note: You do not have to use products from the Spring Colour Forecast for this...
  6. kimmy

    New Challenge Contest

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, the monthly Specktra contests are back! Back and better than ever, now integrated into a year long contest. Here's how it'll work: Each month, a new challenge will be posted and stickied at the top of the Member FOTDs > Challenges! subforum. In that thread...
  7. kimmy

    show orchid

    love this lipstick. also have been primarily blonde for two weeks and am already wanting my old dark brown hair back again...what to do, what to do? mac untitled paint mac vanilla e/s mac cork e/s mac brown down e/s milani almondine e/s mac blacktrack f/l clinique high definition mascara mac...
  8. kimmy

    all girls wanted to be models at one point

    one of my coworkers' daughters wants to start modelling and today the girl that waxes my brows said "do you work as a model yet? you need to, sometimes i think you can be the next kate moss so i like to do your eyebrows!" (she probably just wanted a heafty tip...which she got haah ) but anyway...
  9. kimmy

    pictureless fotd 02/28/10

    bare minerals fairly light mac golden nectar powder mac dity blonde eyebrow pencil clinique high definition mascara mac gingerroot lipliner mac lingerie lipstick mac luminary lustreglass
  10. kimmy

    favourite adult beverages

    sunday is the night for drinks since neither me or the man work mondays. i, personally, am a BIG fan of martinis (i discovered them on my twenty-first birthday and swore i'd try one of each kind they had at the hilton...and i did. loove.) so anyway, i've taken up a whole door shelf in the...
  11. kimmy

    suddenly sensitive eyes?!

    i don't usually wear eyeshadow anymore, just mascara on my eyes if anything at all. yesterday though, i wore gilded ash metal x, reflects blackened red glitter, maroon and vanilla pigments on my eyes. i washed it all completely off before bed but when i woke up this morning my eyes are kind of...
  12. kimmy

    self tanner photos

    anyone have before and after photos using self tanner? any brand, any medium is okay by me. i'm not really digging the neutrogena airbrush one anymore so i'm looking for something else since summer's on its way!
  13. kimmy

    unlined bras

    are they supposed to make you look like 1980s madonna bullet boobies? my boyfriend is always talking about how my bras are "bulletproof" and he'd prefer they be unlined, so i took advantage of the victoria's secret semi-annual sale and scored two unlined demis for $15 but i feel like they're...
  14. kimmy

    wii fit plus!

    i used to go to the gym all the time and then i just started going less and less until i quit going altogether and lost all that gorgeous muscle i built up. i started playing wii fit when my sister came down and my boyfriend and i went to get wii fit plus (not gonna lie we just wanted it for...
  15. kimmy

    new skincare regime anxiety

    my current skin care routine appears to have stopped working since half of my face is breaking out. so, after talking to a couple ladies with gorgeous skin, i decided to try clinique's three step system. i'm kind of anxious, a little scared it will make my skin worse. i always get nervous when...
  16. kimmy

    Best Makeup Primers

    Wanna know how to get that flawless foundation application? Need a way to get your eyeshadow to stay put all day without smudging or fading away? Looking for something to keep your mascara from running on rainy days or your lipstick from feathering after a cup of coffee? Specktra's historical...
  17. kimmy

    Shadows to make YOUR eyes POP

    We all know that the eyes have it, so I know there's alot of you girls and boys in search of the perfect shadows and liners to make your eye colour pop. You've come to the right place! Visit some of our historical threads for your eyes only and see what's best to bring out those baby blues...
  18. kimmy

    Most Wanted Celebrity Makeup Looks

    Want to get those hot makeup looks we're seeing on television and movies? Get the scoop by visiting a few of our historical suggestion threads, compiled by our very own Specktra members! With photos, tips and tricks you're sure to find what you're looking for to get the best celebrity makeup...
  19. kimmy

    the eagles let hank baskett go to make room for michael vick

    everyone's probably already seen or heard that the eagles have made the decision to let hank baskett go in order to make room on the team for michael vick. how do you ladies and gentlemen feel about this decision? i'm absolutely disgusted that he was even given another chance to play in the...
  20. kimmy

    i'm super boring and kind of a little lazy...

    i have to wear glasses for night driving and being on the computer these days. got me some thin little nine west frames, still not too stoked about the idea though. also, i obviously am not into looking at the camera anymore. mac prep + prime skin physician's formula mineral powder mac...