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    Maybelline FIT ME Foundation

    I 've been wearing this foundation for about a week now and I really like it. I brought it from Walgreens for about $8, but Wal MArt has it for like $6, unfortunately they didn't have my shade. I brought shade 355, it also has concealer, powder, blush and bronzer, but I didn't buy any of those...
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    This is what I wore to work yesterday. I can't seem to take decent pics to save my life. Maybelline FIT me Foundation #355 MUFE HD Powder Eyeshadows from the Tarte Holiday Palette from 2009 ( I used the matte dark blue and the matte taupe eyeshadows) Mac Carbon e/s Mac...
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    One New Year's Pic

    I'm a bad Specktra member, I haven't posted in loooooooooong time and to make matters worse, I only snapped one pic of my New Year's makeup Something's better than nothing Smashbox HD Foundation NYX Gold Glitter Mac Amber Lights e/s Mac Sketch e/s Sephora Black Cream...
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    MAC Pink 4 Friday Discussion

    I was over at The Style and Beauty Doctor and there's a post about a collaboration for Nicki's new Pink Friday Album, does anyone have any details about this? Here's the link
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    A lil' sumthin sumthin

    I went shopping this weekend, no major damage just a lil sumthin hyacinth e/l (CCO) off the page e/s Frankly Scarlet blush Sephora Glitter Sephora Cocoa Powder and Mysterious Forest e/s and.............. MARC JACOBS Orange Perfume ( I'm sooooo in luv with this scent)
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    Highly Favored!

    Well, I finally got around to posting. Here are two looks. The first is from this past Tuesday, before I removed my weave,lol. The second is from today, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow, yippie! I have been so blessed and overjoyed with all the amazing things that have come my way, hence, the...
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    New Job!

    I was hired to work @ Sephora!! I'm tooooooo excited I really wanted this position. I decided to devote all my time and energy to developing a career in the beauty industry and I figured this would be a great company to grow with. I took a HUGE pay cut but, I think in the end it will be...
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    Laura Gellar's Spackle

    I was watching QVC/HSN one of the two, and I saw Laura Gellar and her product line, her baked face and eye products seemed interesting and so did this Spackle product! Yes, I am a QVC/HSN junkie, especially in the middle of the night! Has anyone tried LG's Spackle, if so, how was it? Thnx!
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    Youtubers In ELLE MAgazine!

    I was just reading through my July issue of Elle, and looky looky who I spotted, Panacea81, AllThatGlitters and Xsparkage! Elle did a write up on the beauty videos that are taking over youtube, Congrats to the ladies! and a big shout out to all the other youtube ladies!
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    The Big Chop

    As I promised, pics of me after my BC. I've decided to go natural and I luv it!
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    I missed you gals/guys!

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I soooooooooo missed SPEKTRA! I have been so busy with mid-terms, my SEED, my BOO, and work, that I have been neglecting my other family. I came home (spektra) to find new ADVISORS, YIPPIE! I love them all, and they all are so deserving...
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    Need help with this look

    Hello, I saw this pic of Brooke from a blog and her makeup is on point, any recs.? I also have to add that I tried to give this show a chance but ... well didn't workout for me, but the makeup and fashion was HOT!
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    Eyelash Hookups at the Nail Salon!

    I have to share this. Why is it that all of a sudden every corner nail shop is offering lash extensions? I went to get a mani. and these girls were so loud talking about how they were getting lashes. I asked them why would you pay for someone to apply false lashes? The just said because it was...
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    School Daze

    My school look for today. All MAC unless....well ya'll know.. Face SS concealer Select Sheer Powder Breezy Blush Format Blush Eyes Painterly p/p Sumptious Olive e/s Shadowy Lady e/s Sketch e/s Ardell Babies Lashes Lips Boy Bait c/g Oh Baby l/g ( I took it waayy back)
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    "If it wasn't for T.O.N.Y....

    I love Solange's album and I just saw the video for my fav. track of the CD, T.O.N.Y anywho, My cousin and I went to the Cheesecake Factory this weekend, and she said to me.." You don't think that's a bit much?" and I said "of course it's a bit much for you, that's why I'm rockin it " . The...
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    Updated Collection and Bigger Pics (TISH!)

    I was looking back at some pics of my collection and I realized that I have added a few more goodies to my collection. So here they are and I have bigger and better pics! Tish would be so proud Lashes- I just started wearing lashes and I love'em. I decided not to buy too many until I really...
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    The Defeated The Purpose Haul

    Ok, so the purpose for me going to the CCO and MAC was to get a bold lippie for the "Aziaj(sp) Challenge, but..... I left both stores with everything but a bold lippie CCO Go Starflash e/s MAC 189 Brush ( I have never seen or heard of this brush before but it was sooo freakin cute that I had...
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    I need a new Do'

    So as some of you may know, I like to change my hair alot. I found these pics in the tut. thread. I love the layers and the cut, of course the haircolor would be black and possibly straight and after a few days I would do the waves and curls, soooo... what do you guys think...
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    For NYLA2120..

    I took some pics of my haircut this morning, before school. I told Nyla I would post pics, so here there are.... I wanted to show a front view.. Left side.. Right side.. and with the left side swept back..
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    What are you giving up for 40 days?

    Although I'm not Catholic, I'm really interested in Lent and it's meaning. I decided to fast for the 40 days of Lent.So in the spirit of LENT, I compiled a list of things to give up and to do in those forty days... 1. Perform random acts of kindness ( I do this already but I can always do...