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  1. lenchen

    Beauty is Life Cosmetics

    Has anyone heard of the brand? I went to Barney's yesterday, and I spotted the counter on my way to the Bobbi Brown counter. I tried out the blushes and the multi touch powders love the multi touch powders! I'm going back next week to get them; the blushes are very very pigmented! thought anyone?
  2. lenchen

    NARS Discontinued products

    Hi everyone! I was looking for a nars discontinued thread and I didn't find one. Mods I hope it's ok if I start a discontinued thread where everyone can mention NARS products that are/will be disconitnued. Speaking of which, the matte bronzing stick was recently disconituned Rapa Rui
  3. lenchen

    3 NARS Cream blushes on the Chopping Block

    the following cream blushers are being discontinued Gueule de Nuit, Turkish red, and Constantinople. Turkish red, and Constantinople is still available on the I just wanted to put the word out!
  4. lenchen

    Ninotchka on NC50 skin?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently on the NARS website and I'm making a huge blush purchase does ninotchka complements nc50 skin really well?
  5. lenchen

    New to specktra!!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to specktra, and it's great to be introduced to a community that is MAC obsessed as I am. I love makeup, and mac is one of my favourite brands! I have been owned MAC products since 1999, and one of the things I love about MAC is there's something for everyone from...