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  1. MaryJane

    IT Cosmetics

    I didn't see a thread for IT Cosmetics so I figured I'd start one to share one of my discoveries with you. I have fallen in love with their 'Pretty Natural Palette'. It is 14 matte shadows in a variety of colors + one 'transforming' color that is a frost and is meant to be used over the mattes...
  2. MaryJane

    Nars Fall 2008 @ Lord & Taylor

    My local Lord & Taylor had the new Nars fall 2008 collection. It wasn't on display yet but the MA showed it to me. Apparently they just got it. I bought both e/s duos. They are variations on copper and brown. Not super unique but both dues can be work together. Also got female trouble gloss...
  3. MaryJane

    Neiman Marcus Nars Exclusive

    Has anyone tried the Nars set exclusive to Neiman Marcus? I think it includes a new lipgloss called Venus and some kind of beauty powder.
  4. MaryJane

    Saturnal vs Sable Wrap

    If I have sable wrap (from the warm eyes 2006 kit) do I need saturnal from Moonbathe?
  5. MaryJane

    What lipliner goes with Rubia?

    I've been wearing Rubia lipstick and love it (even got 2 back-ups). What lipliner goes with this? I've been wearing oak but want to try other colors as well.
  6. MaryJane

    Back-ups of LE MAC products??

    What do you think about getting back-ups of LE MAC products? I am torn because MAC comes out with so many collections and alot of the colors are very similar to each other that I hesitate to get back-ups. On the other hand, sometimes I find it hard to find colors/formulas I like so when I find...