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  1. SpringDancer

    Melting Lipsticks

    Hi guys, Maybe you could help me out: a few of my MAC lippies have begun melting (namely Plink! and Syrup). I'm not sure why... I can't use them without a brush. Does anyone know of a way to change the consistency back to its' earlier form? Maybe putting it in the fridge? or any other way? I'd...
  2. SpringDancer

    What shadows to pair with Off The Page?

    Finally got Off The Page and it's gorgeous! I'd love to hear what combinations you ladies did with it. Thanks!
  3. SpringDancer

    Please recommend summer-y nail colors

    I am about to place an order from and need recommendations for fun summery nail colors - I was thinking corals, oranges (not too bright and/or loud ) and orangey-reds. The Essie summer collection looks yummy. Have anyone tried it out? I'm especially curious about Chubby Cheeks...
  4. SpringDancer

    Please recommend a look for this dress

    I got this dress and can't decide what makeup look should I do to go with it... Of course I can go for neutrals, but I feel like something a bit more "lively" - yet I am confused by all of the colors and can't figure out a look... For reference: I am NC 20, brown hair and eyes I am sure you...
  5. SpringDancer

    Which Nars Cream Blush do I need?

    I don't own any right now. I have a few MAC creme blushes - Posey, Sweet William and Ladyblush.Which Nars blush would be a nice addition? I'm mainly contemplating Gueule de Nuit and Lokoum, but would love other suggestions as well.
  6. SpringDancer

    Has anyone shopped on the website?

    I just found out about the web site and I wonder if it's safe. The accurate URL is COSME-DE.COM - Shop for skincare & cosmetics products, Be the Beautiful One (sorry, can't link for some reason). Has anyone ordered from there? If so, what was your experience?
  7. SpringDancer

    Matching finger nails and toe nails?

    How do you go about this? Do you use the same shade for both? will you use 2 different shades - one for hands and one for feet? I can never find my way around this! and always end up not painting my toenails because I think they might clash with my finger nails and my ourfit. I'd love to hear...
  8. SpringDancer

    Help me match my clothes please...

    So... I got these check skinny trousers and can't decide what to wear with them, other than plain black shirts of course... any ideas? Also, I am looking for a belt for the dress below. What kind and color of belts would you get? I usually wear it with gray or with black leggings. Thanks...
  9. SpringDancer

    Mini Haul

    I got Cakeshop and Butternutty shadesticks from Sugar Sweet, and Revlon Matte lipstick in Mauve it over. Not sure about that shade on me, but the texture is great. And now - no makeup for me until Naked Honey. Hopefully
  10. SpringDancer

    My collection

    I am on a day off with nothing to do so I decided to do something productive Here goes: Base Products L to R: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in #1.0, MUFE Mat Velvet + in #20, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20, MAC Fix+ First row L to R: MAC Blot...
  11. SpringDancer

    Essie Haul!

    This week I got a package of Essie nail polishes I got off Ebay. I got it from bluebeautysupply - which I highly recommend. You can visit the store at eBay Store - bluebeautysupply: Essie, Essie Polish, Color Club Here are the goodies : First row, L to R: first base base coat, good to go...
  12. SpringDancer

    Please help me with a look for a wedding

    One of my best friends is getting married next Friday. I am going to wear the dress and shoes in the photos. The event takes place in the daytime. I am not quite sure what look should I do to go with them. I'm considering purples but just can't really decide. I am NC20, with dark brown hair and...
  13. SpringDancer

    Essie must-haves

    I am about to get some Essie nail polishes, and since the variety is incredible, would love to hear what are your must-have colors.
  14. SpringDancer

    I wear Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 - what shade should I get in Revlon Colorstay?

    I wear Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 - what shade should I get in Revlon Colorstay?
  15. SpringDancer

    Help me fill the last 3 e/s in my pallette

    Hi guys! I want to fill my second 15-pallette, and need 3 more eyeshadows to do so. I'd love to hear what do you think I should get. Is there anything missing in your opinion? I am pretty open to all colors, but I'd like something to go well with the ones I already have. Also, I don't want...
  16. SpringDancer

    Packing makeup for a vacation - help please

    I am going on a vacation for 5 days ()... I am going to be travelling by bus. The drive is quite a long one (about 6 hours). I tried to gather some basic makeup stuff (that's so hard!). I figured out I'll take: Primer Foundation Concealer Powder An eyeshadow quad A single brow bone highlighter...
  17. SpringDancer

    Looking for basic gray and teal MAC/MUFE shades

    I am finally ready to take the plunge into grays and teals ;-) Can you recommend a good basic gray and a good basic teal? I want to get just one of each, preferrably MAC's (still have room in my pallette). Also, I would like shades I can combine with the MAC shadows I already own, which are...
  18. SpringDancer

    Going to B2M soon - a few lipstick questions

    1. When I tried Midimauve it seemed very similar to Twig Twig (which I own) in the store. Looking at it later it seemed quite different, though... Can anyone who has both tell me - are they really that much alike? 2. I loved Syrup but can't find it for quite a while. Are there any recommended...