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  1. lolemily

    how long does a manicure typically take to dry?

    doing one layer of base coat, two layers of polish and one layer of top coat, even after it dries for half an hour it still smudges easily.
  2. lolemily

    hm. i think this girl may send fake pigments?

    i don't want to sound distrustful at all, but it's an odd situation for me. i've been swapping on MUA for about a month now and have reached eleven positive tokens. i haven't had any bad experiences other than a lost package but i sent a replacement so that's okay. anyway, i contacted a girl...
  3. lolemily

    i think i got a fake mac eyeshadow.

    it was received as an extra in a swap on mua, so i'm not too fussed about it - i just want to know before i decide to use it or swap it away. i don't have any pot shadows to compare too and my camera is a bit broken, so unfortunately i can't post pictures. when i put it next to my deep truth...
  4. lolemily

    metal-x eyeshadow in virgin silver/cyber?

    sorry if this is the wrong section for this (: i haven't posted on these boards before. i want a very metallic, silver-y eyeshadow. i had one from a cosmetics shop, but it's a really low-quality $2 type thing and i'd rather a better one. mac has two eyeshadows that look pretty silver; virgin...