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  1. ilexica

    The 'I Copied Brody Dalle' look

    Here's the inspiration: (Kerrang awards in like...2006-2007, I think). My take: Used: EL Doublewear in Bone MAC select cover up concealer NW15 MAC MSFN light MAC Flower Mist Dew BP (as blush) Illamasqua Primal blush (to make pretend cheekbones) MAC emote blush (on eyes - no, really!)...
  2. ilexica

    Contouring product for NW15

    Hi! Doesn't have to be MAC, at all. I'm blonde, NW15 and I'm trying to find the perfect contour. I basically want a warm grey/taupe with only a hint of pink, rather than a pronounced pink or brown. So far I have Strada (I like that it's not too strong, but it reads very pink on me) and Emote...
  3. ilexica

    Moan: the curse of oily foundation.

    Right, this mystery is starting to drive me nuts. I have very, very dry skin. If I don't wear any kind of makeup, I find usually that by lunchtime I have to moisturise. I don't get any kind of shine unless I try running somewhere. However...whenever I wear foundation, if I touch my face after...
  4. ilexica

    Super easy use for bright fuchsia!

    I love this pigment but I find it so bright that I don't know what to do with it. So I made lip balm. Here's how: 1. Fill an empty 10g jar about 80% full with vaseline. Just spoon it out of the pot. 2. Top up with some solid honey if you have it, or some vanilla essence, or any other food oil...
  5. ilexica

    How do you keep your stuff BNIB?

    Probably an incredibly daft question, but here goes. I keep seeing sales and swaplists with enormous numbers of BNIB items. For those of you who have a lot of stuff in this condition, how on earth do you keep from using it?! The vast majority of my stuff is 'used once, in traincase' rather than...
  6. ilexica

    Recommend me a 'summer holiday' foundation, please!

    I live in Britain so the sun is a total rarity, and I'm usually able to use NW15 matte foundations all year round. (At the moment I have studio fix powder and some EL doublewear, but I've tried tech, SFF, full coverage and moistureblend in the past). However when I go on my summer holidays I get...
  7. ilexica

    How 'fake' are you?!

    I was musing on this today after posting an FOTD recently which tied into the idea of 'natural' beauty. The hypocrisy surrounding what natural beauty actually requires to be maintained really bugs me. So, aside from makeup, what do you all have 'done'? Do you have any modifications? What would...
  8. ilexica

    My 'British cultural references' FOTD (Cheryl Cole's makeup)

    The Plan NB - superscript numbers are footnotes to explain the Anglicisms - references at the bottom! I decided to do this FOTD for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I was watching a programme on Cheryl Cole¹ the other day and was struck by how many of the presenters seemed convinced that she was...
  9. ilexica

    My 'if this doesn't work, All Girl gets it' FOTD

    I've had All Girl sitting in my stash for a few years now but I barely ever reach for it. I was searching for FOTDs using the color yesterday to give me some inspiration...but it seems no-one else uses theirs, either So this is what I came up with! Once again, sorry the pictures suck...
  10. ilexica

    Deep blue green vs forest green

    Hey! A quick comparison question: To me deep blue green and forest green look really similar! Is there a big difference in colour? Which one do I need? TIA!