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  1. shadowaddict

    What's Your Favorite NARS Nail Polish?

    I was just wondering what everyone's fav NARS n/p is/are, especially ones that are not easily duped by OPI and other brands. Of course I like the standard Orgasm. I also like Madame Butterfly but I do find it a bit streaky.
  2. shadowaddict

    What Do You Call Your Grandmother? Just Learned I'm Going To Be One

    My son just told me yesterday that I am going to be a grandmother. I’ll be 48 next month and the baby is due in early April. My son will turn 28 a couple of weeks before baby arrives. So I’m trying to think of what I want the child to call me and would like to know what you guys go by if...
  3. shadowaddict

    HELP! with Touching Up my Roots

    I had my hair colored in Feb and now I need to cover my re-growth. My natural hair is darker and I have a little gray. I now have auburn with highlights. Can any of you recommend an at home product. I just hate to drop almost $100 for color touch up & tip. I’m trying to cut back on spending. I...
  4. shadowaddict

    Do You Like MUFE Blush???

    I tried to search for some info on MUFE blush and couldn't really find anything. The MUFE products I have tried I really like and was wondering what you guys think of their blush, especially for pale skin, such as what specific colors you like. Do you find the texture nice or chalky? Thanks.
  5. shadowaddict

    Please Help Me With Contour & Blush Colors

    I need help with contouring colors. I have the lightest shade in the Sculpt and Shape Powder Duos which I think is Bone Beige/Emphasize. While I like Emphasize as a highlight but I do not like Bone Beige. It looks like dirt on me. I am a light NC15 and don’t want anything too dark and want a...
  6. shadowaddict

    What MAC "Pro" Product Do You Love?

    My store recently became a pro store and was just wondering what some of the pro products you guys like and why. I have a few pro e/s colors but not really much more. I am also going to Vegas tomorrow and of course will hit the store there. Also I have a gift card that I've saved just for my...
  7. shadowaddict

    Does Your 109 Shed??

    I just recently purchased the 109 brush and started using it for my Studio Sculpt foundation. But I keep getting hairs all over my face. I washed it before I ever used it like I do all my brushes and wash after each use. It has been washed now 8--10 times and I'm still getting hairs stuck to my...
  8. shadowaddict

    ?? CCO in or near Asheville, NC ??

    Is there a CCO in or near Asheville, NC? I'll be near there next week.
  9. shadowaddict

    **Finally Found Help for My OILY Skin

    I have finally found my HG for my oily skin after trying a gazillion different primers and mattifiers. I totally LOVE Smashbox Anti-Shine. This is the only thing that has been worth the effort on my skin. And it takes only a tiny bit. I got a sample at Sephora over two months ago and still using...
  10. shadowaddict

    Anyone Tried New MUFE UV Prime SPF 50/PA +++

    I saw this new product on the Sephora site: MUFE UV Prime SPF 50/PA +++ and wondering if anyone has tried it. It sounds good for oily skin but I would like to know what others think. Does it make foundation stay put longer? Thanks
  11. shadowaddict

    ??? Becca Brushes???

    Anyone here use or tried Becca makeup brushes? I hear good and just ok things about them. So I was wondering what our lovely specktra ladies think about the quality of them? Thanks
  12. shadowaddict

    ????? Your Thoughts on Brush #219 (Pencil Brush)

    Ok, I have the se version of this brush and it's ok, haven't used it too much except for smudging liner. And of course I know there is big differences in full size brushes compared to se's. And the difference varies from brush to brush with some being a HUGE difference. But I was wondering if it...
  13. shadowaddict

    ??? Best MAC Brush for Blush???

    I have the 187se, full size 188, and I think a 168se, mainly what has come in the face sets like 2008's holiday face set. But I need a good brush for applying blush. I have a similar full size to the 168 from another brand but it's not very good. I use my 188 for when I apply highlight like...
  14. shadowaddict

    MAC Studio Fix or MUFE DUO MAT? HELP!

    I have been using Studio Fix for a while now but I am having to constantly blot with paper and then with blot powder. As you can see I have very oily skin. How does the DUO MAT compare? I've heard DUO MAT is really good. Does it stay matt longer and help the oil not come through? How about the...
  15. shadowaddict

    HELP!!! Save the Ta-Ta's, Army of Women

    The following is a link to the "Love/Avon Army of Women" research. They have teamed up to recruit women of all ages, races, whatever to research breast cancer. They want healthy women as well as women who have had breast cancer, all of us. If they collect data and such from all types of women...
  16. shadowaddict

    MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown Gel Liner?

    Just wondering which you guys like best. I have only used fluidline but it does seem to dry up easy in the jar. I have heard good things about BB gel liner. And BB does have some pretty colors especially "Black Mauve Shimmer Ink" and "Black Plum Ink" but I have only sen these online so I'm not...
  17. shadowaddict

    Has Anyone Tried "Brow Boost" ???

    I was wondering if anyone has tried Brow Boost? It's suppose to help your brows grow back in faster if you got tweezer happy.
  18. shadowaddict

    What do you think of MAC #191 foundation brush?

    I have heard so much about brushes 187 and 190 but not too much about 191. I let a m/a talk me into buying it this evening so I haven't used it yet. But I'm really not sure that's what I wanted. I had used the 190 before that was a s/e and had no luck, but I know the ones in the sets aren't...
  19. shadowaddict

    These Ebay Sellers Real or Fake Stuff???

    Does anyone know anything about these ebay sellers if they have authentic MAC or fakes? I'm looking for "Sprout" and "Summer Neutral" as well as other eye shadows.:confused: tkoponygirl lisacmorrison mamalima silvercreekpartners Thanks