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  1. martiangurll


    I thought I would start a thread for restocks? This idea of private forums was to make the information less available to lurkers? Not sure how everyone feels about it but I thought I would do it, esp. with some collections coming up I think there will be stalking involved. (Maleficient...
  2. martiangurll

    Rhiana hearts Fall for MAC

    If anyone sees the Her Cocoa quad in stock anywhere PLMK?
  3. martiangurll

    TEAM Purple: What were your favorite MAC lipsticks?

    MAC has been delivering in the purple lipstick (and gloss) department lately and the newest purple product seems to be all the rage until the next one comes along... How many purple lipsticks do you have and are you still looking for the HG Purple MAC lippy? Or maybe you found your...
  4. martiangurll

    Test, just a test

    Quote: Originally Posted by XRumerTest Hello. And Bye.
  5. martiangurll

    MAC eyeshadow ?

    Medium toned fawn color with silver shimmer or glitter? What would you use. Looking for pressed, powder eyeshadows. Something similar to Naked there one out there?
  6. martiangurll

    Brown Lipstick recs

    Looking for a cool toned (mid tone) medium brown (semi matte finish would be great) that is not pink or taupe, just fleshy brown
  7. martiangurll

    Recommendations for a good SPF with primer that has good UVA/UVB protection

    What are you favorites? I loved the SB Photofinish until I found out it didn't have sufficient UVA protection. I have since gone through many primers, none last more than 8 hours. I have a really oily t-zone so primers really help. Alternately, a great TM or foundation that has adequate SPF...
  8. martiangurll

    Merrily Blush

    I was thinking of using the Gone but Not Forgotten program to find this. Anybody know how long it has been gone? TIA
  9. martiangurll

    Skin care recs at the DS

    Any recs from folks for drug store (or similar places like Ulta, Sally's Beauty etc.) to buy: Eye cream that fills in lines/plumps Moisturizer with SPF 15 or better Cleanser with antioxidants that isn't irritating? Serum or moisturizer with Vitamin C? Exfoliant with AHA or BHA? Just...
  10. martiangurll

    Stila Color Wheel palette

    Sephora: Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette: Eyeshadow Sets Lusting after this... (as if I need another palette)
  11. martiangurll

    Good places to find decants for sale?

    Any recs? Besides the Perfumed Court
  12. martiangurll

    Pop Beauty products

    I just tried an eye shadow cream and it was fairly dried out (what can I do, it was a free sample with my ACW order) but wondering if anyone else had tried these in the same way as paint pots? I think if they were not dried out, they could work well and the color was awesome. They could be a...
  13. martiangurll

    Taupe leaning brown e/s with a lil shimmer, MAC preferred

    I am looking for a darker toned brown with a little bit of gray in it, think taupe but leaning brown, with a little bit of shimmer. (I am trying to replicate a SB palette color). Prefer a non-frost and non-matte finish, somewhere in-between. Does MAC make one like this? LE or GC
  14. martiangurll

    Michael Todd Cosmetics

    Anyone tried the line? Teh reviews in MUA P"ville are scant. I was wondering about the cream eyeshadow as a base sort of like the MAC PP? They have a nice range of colors on ACW Anyone tried 'em?