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  1. melozburngr

    Cafe Press

    Has anyone sold anything on I started a shop, but not sure how to get my designs on the front page so people actually see them!! I only did one design for the twilighters. :-P it says 'twicurious' in the twilight font. I made everything else with it on there too. :-P Im a...
  2. melozburngr

    CND products

    Ok, so I have recently read more and more about CND (Creative Nail Design) products, and I'm looking to try some stuff. What are your favorite products/colors?
  3. melozburngr

    Holy crap, I'm so excited!

    My nails today got posted on! I'm super stoked- I've gotten a zillion hits on the blog today! Sorry, just had to let out some of the excitement!
  4. melozburngr

    OK, finally posting the Halloween pix

    For those of you that didn't know, I am an artist by profession, and love Art History, so when I saw this, it was natural that I HAD to do it. I took the MAC Lichtenstein/comic book character look and expanded on it to a full body costume. Made the legs from white tights with red paint dotted on...
  5. melozburngr

    Jimmy Choo for H&M

    Who is going to the launch? Im heartbroken that is not available in Las Vegas. There is a pair I've been dying for for a year! Select Cities only, those bastards.
  6. melozburngr

    New nail designs!!

    Here are some of my new nail designs lately- I started a blog where I am doing a different nail design every day and posting it!! Today's design- KISS YEsterday's- The Simpsons Mondrian- The Lion King The Daily Nail or
  7. melozburngr

    Can you help me identify this purse's style name?

    It is Kate Spade, and I want to sell it, but I lost the tags!! Is relatively small, 8-9" and very thin- like 1" thick.
  8. melozburngr

    Anyone read Chinese?

    Ok, I THINK this is Chinese, but not sure. Just wondering what the translation is, so if anyone could help, I would really really appreciate it!
  9. melozburngr

    The latest cake to come out of my kitchen...

    My boyfriend's friend Mark turned 41 on Saturday, and is also a big skateboarder, so I made him a skateboard themed birthday cake (skateboard upside down, so its wheels are up laying on grass), which is 100% edible. The bottom part is a 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate filling, the...
  10. melozburngr

    Vanity License Plates Book

    Ok, so first off, I'm a designer, always thinking of weird projects to procrastinate cleaning my house... Secondly, after I got my first set of personalized license plates I find myself looking at license plates for clever or funny it struck me one day- I wanna make a book of them...
  11. melozburngr

    So Excited!!!

    A slot machine that I've been working on the art for is going to be in Katy Perry's new music video "Waking up in Vegas", and the video shoots tonight!! I might get to go, but not sure yet!! Im so excited!!! My slot machine is going to be in a VIDEO!! ETA: I was there!! There were 4 sets...
  12. melozburngr

    Dealing with the ex-wife.

    For those of you ladies who are dating or have dated a man with an ex-wife he is still friends with, how do you manage it? I can't help being angry that he goes and does stuff for her when a lot of it she can do herself if she tried. I also think that she needs to develop a support system...
  13. melozburngr

    Cranberry Smoke

    Ok, so I never ever have worn a smoky eye in public, I put the makeup on at home, and feel self-conscious so it never makes it past the front door... This is the first time I've ever worn it out and about... I kinda like it!! This is the end of the night so it isnt as pristine as it could be...
  14. melozburngr

    Chocolate Raspberry Yumminess!!

    Ok, so this is the dessert that I concocted for Valentine's Day dinner for my boytoy and me.... its a layer of chocolate cake, raspberry sauce (raspberries cooked down with almond extract, 2 tbls sugar, and a touch of water), then a layer of dark chocolate mousse, all enrobed in chocolate...
  15. melozburngr

    Chupa Chups

    Has anyone seen these lately? Specifically the strawberry & cream ones, and the chocolate & cream ones.. MMM I've been craving them, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Are they even sold anywhere? I can find huge amounts of them online, but I really don't need 150 suckers. HELP! lol
  16. melozburngr

    Humane Society Spay Day 2009 Contest

    So my sister entered her dog Yukon in it, and he is seriously the cutest sweetest dog ever, please vote for him, and in doing so, you will donate to the Human Society!! VOTE HERE!! :-D
  17. melozburngr

    Helly Kitty Preview Party in Vegas tonight- anyone wanna go?

    I dn't know if this is ok to post here, but since its last minute sort of, I wanted to make sure someone saw it. I RSVPed with 2 +1s, and neither can show... anyone wanna come? its in Las Vegas tonight at 8 pm at Town Square MAC. PM me.
  18. melozburngr

    Betty Crocker WATCH THE F OUT!

    Lol I love Christmas. Baking season. lol. I feel so productive, so I had to share (since its kinda rare) lol Last night I made: Dog treats- several dozen! Christmas cutout cookies - several dozen a pumpkin pie- from a real pumpkin- not a can Apple Crisp Ice Cream EVERYTHING from scratch...
  19. melozburngr

    Personalized License Plates

    So I go to the DMV tomorrow to register my car in Nevada (finally) and I really want personalized plates... any ideas? Some: AWE5OME CHEFMEL MEL1ZRD RGBCMYK has to be 7 letters or less... toss me some ideas!!
  20. melozburngr

    What are YOU thankful for?

    It is definitely that time of the season, and in my blog I addressed it, but I thought I'd post it here... I'm thankful... ...for my family, who support me in all of my decisions, no matter how harebrained. ...for my friends, who befriended me despite my goofy looking exterior and even goofier...