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    "Antichrist" movie

    I have not and will not view this movie - ever.
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    Pictureless FOTD: 05-05-09

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    News on Hydroxycut

    Hydroxycut recall: FDA warns dieters to stop using supplement The maker of the dietary supplement has agreed to recall 14 Hydroxycut products. Associated Press 11:20 AM PDT, May 1, 2009 WASHINGTON -- Government health officials warned dieters and body...
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    Xtreme breasts. I mean bra.

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    Oh, these look just too real.

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    It's starting to feel like Spring to me

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    Black Radiance Cosmetics

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    Clarins Cosmetics

    Please post all Clarins swatches in this thread!
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    Benefit Cosmetics

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    Please post your YSL swatches in this thread!
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    A note to an unexpected Angel

    I was hospitalized last week and met such a wonderful woman. She shared a room with me. She was in a sickle cell crisis. As soon as we met, we hit it off. I thought she was so beautiful and told her she had such striking features. I noticed as she walked by my bed there was a strong...
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    Octo-mom parody video

    The situation in reality is so twisted.
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    ~*Dreaming In Sparkling Dimensions*~

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    End to Privacy As We Know It

    The all-seeing state is about to end privacy as we know it Plans for a vast central database of our emails, phone calls and texts will see everyone monitored as a potential suspect Wednesday October 8 2008 You might suppose that the economic tornado hitting Britain would cause the...
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    Very Impressive Condom Commerical

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    That is some carpet

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    Amy Winehouse needs help STAT

    Amy Winehouse's devil drugs Amy Winehouse's devil drugs BANG Showbiz / October 16, 2008 Amy...