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  1. turkishdelightx

    Barry M bronzer rave!

    Anyone tried the bronzer from Barry M?I just wanted to have a quick rave about how much I love it for contouring,its the perfect colour!Im pretty tanned so I don`t know how well it would work with a fair skin or dark skin tone but I deffinetly reccomend using it as a contour to anyone who owns...
  2. turkishdelightx

    Double wear and sff dilemma!

    About 2 years ago now when I first got into mac I went and got foundation matched,or thats what I attempted anyways and was told I was a nw25 in sff,I tried it out and began a love hate relationship,some days I felt it looked reaaaalllly orange on me,some days I looked too pale some days it was...
  3. turkishdelightx

    Hello from England!

    Hey Im Laura,20yrs old from the north of England!Obviously a complete mu addict and just wanted to introduce myself.Im a huge Kim K mu fan and particularly love mac,urban decay and ysl Look forward to chatting with some of you!