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  1. DarylandCarole

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2021

    Are any department stores selling the e/s palette? I want one! So bummed that I didn’t get it.
  2. DarylandCarole

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2021

    I want one but they’re sold out! I wonder if Nordies will get them? Macy’s is sold out. 😭
  3. DarylandCarole

    MAC Bangin' Brilliant: Lipstick collection (2016)

    I stopped in at my Nordies counter yesterday and they had just gotten all of the frosts in! I swatched a bunch but I don't know how to label the pick with the names by the swatches. Is there a good app for that? my general opinion is that they're good for layering over another color. They're...
  4. DarylandCarole

    MAC Bangin' Brilliant: Lipstick collection (2016)

    Got some of my lippies today! I wore Dew to the gym tonight, got some stares but whatever I love all 3 colors I got. This photo has Dreampot (bottom), then Dew, then Lured In on top swatch.
  5. DarylandCarole

    MAC X Chris Chang Of Poesia (May 5th/ 12th 2016)

    I love this packaging SO much! Everything I bought is like a little piece of art. I ended up getting the yellow and blue e/s in addition to the orange/coral, and I got every lippie except the yellow. I still have my yellow from Playland and never use it. I used the yellow and orange e/s...
  6. DarylandCarole

    MAC Vibe Tribe Collection (May 12/19 2016)

    I got HC and my Painted Canyon blush today. I love both! The blush is prettier than I expected. It's very pigmented so I'll have to use a light touch unless I do self-tanner this summer.
  7. DarylandCarole

    MAC Softcore/Playlab (2016)

    I'm not big into pastels because they usually don't show up well on me, either, but I'm curious about these. They seem very pigmented.
  8. DarylandCarole

    Best moisturizer/anti-ager for lips?

    I find so many for eyes and face but I need something good for my lips. The lines are deepening and I can't afford collagen injections yet! Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  9. DarylandCarole

    What are your favorite blending colors (aka transition colors)?

    I know it depends on the other colors you're using, but do you have a few that are your Go To's?