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  1. Elle93

    WOC Lip/Cheek Stain

    Do any of you war and lip or cheek stain? What is your favorite kind? I'm a NC 44 and I'm not sure what to get =/
  2. Elle93

    brow powder recs?

    I'm a NC44 and I'm not sure what color eyebrow powder to get. I have dark dark dark brown hair but it's not black. My hair color is a 2. What brow powder would you guys recommend for me?
  3. Elle93

    Bitch Slap palettes?

    I'm not sure WHERE to put this but where can i find the drunk bitch, bruised bitch and the other palettes? they're no longer on bitch slap cosmetics
  4. Elle93

    WOC - Inglot Cosmetics

    any of you ladies use the makeup brand Inglot and what do you think of them?
  5. Elle93

    WOC - Mac tinted moisturizer help!

    So I can't go to the MAC store any time soon so I turned to specktra hoping I'll find an answer! I'm a NC43 or 45 and I need to know what color I will be in their tinted moisturizer? If it helps I wear color 173 in MUFE HD If you have the tinted moisturizer what do you think of it?
  6. Elle93

    Oh where can I find Inglot?!

    hmm so I've been on a hunt to find out where I can get Inglot cosmetics but I have no clue where! I live in texas and I'm far away from all of the US stores =O Where can I get it from since there isnt an online store and how much are their products?
  7. Elle93

    NC43,44,45 - Favorite pink lipsticks?!

    sorry if there is already a thread like this. To all NC43,44,45 ladies. What your favorite soft pink and bright pink lipsticks?
  8. Elle93

    Any WOC ladies get this problem?

    or is it just me? I have a sample of Make Up For Ever HD in 173 and it looks great on the top part of my face but at my mouth and lower i get a little darker and the foundation looks ashy =/ anything darker will be too dark for my top of my face -_- Any of you ladies had this problem? and how...
  9. Elle93

    Blush advice?

    Well my first day of school is coming up and I was planning on wearing a pink shirt so I was wondering what color blush I should wear? I'm a NC 43-45 This is what what the pink looks like Women's AE Colorful V-Neck T - American Eagle Outfitters
  10. Elle93

    Foundation question!

    I'm not sure if I should put thus here or in reccomendations but I thought I mightget more help here. If I'm a NC45 in MAC what foundations could I buy at Sephora that's like a NC45?
  11. Elle93

    Ergg how could I wear this Too Faced eyeliner?

    Uhm I wasn't quite sure where to put this but yesterday I got Too Faced Starry Eyed liquid eyeliner in stalkerazzi and I'm a NC45 but it looks weird when I put on my upper lid. Do you guys know what other things I could do with this eyeliner???
  12. Elle93

    WOC foundation question..

    If im a NC45 what color would i be around in Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation?
  13. Elle93

    Favorite powder foundation?

    What are you guys favorite powder foundation?
  14. Elle93

    I should probably go into a store for this buuut I don't want to...

    Anyway I'm pretty sure I'm a NW 45 I have a friend a little darker than me and they said shes either a NW 45 or 50. So if I'm a little lighter I'd be 45 right? Also I know I'm not a NC
  15. Elle93

    How much pigment samples are needed to press in a pan?

    how many 1/4 tsp samples would be needed?
  16. Elle93

    NW45 or around it. Whats your favorite nude NARS lipgloss/stick?

    I'm a NW45 and im wondering what's your favorite nude lip product from NARS??
  17. Elle93

    OCC Lip Tars?

    Has anyone tried the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tars? I'm wondering if they're worth the $12.50
  18. Elle93

    Ardell 120 or 122...?

    If someone had to choose between getting the Ardell 120 or 122 for a partially natural look which one would you recommend?
  19. Elle93

    *sigh* Stupid lazy eye..sort of a depressing rant.

    So, I my right eye is a lazy eye and I can see better out of my left eye so my right eye is weaker. Anyway, in real life you can barely see it but in pictures it's REALLY noticeable and it looks weird and I'm all and when I wear eyeliner on my upper lid it's a bit more noticeable. *sigh* It...
  20. Elle93

    So they say women of color shouldn't wear a smokey eye...

    ....Because it looks like a "black eye" what do you guys think of this?