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  1. TonyaB

    Wet N Wild Vanity Singles / Dupe??

    I bought the vanity palette forever ago and just started using it this past year A LOT. Besides hitting pan, my favorite shade also shattered (in my makeup bag). If you have used these palettes, you know how tend to shatter/break off and then the other shades fall into the shattered one. Now...
  2. TonyaB

    Help!! Makeup Brushes & Pink Eye

    Well wasn't sure where to put this topic...... A week ago I started getting pink eye symptoms. I went to DR and was diagnosed with viral conjunctivitis. This is pink eye caused by a virus and not bacteria. The Dr told me to throw away all products I used on my eye in the past week. I threw...
  3. TonyaB

    Dupe for Too Faced Nude Beam Glamour Dust?

    I recently discovered this product online & it is out of stock on the site. Then I realized really don't wanna pay $17 for it anyway, I have become cheap lol. So does anyone know of any dupes for this? Heres a swatch of it Thanks! :)
  4. TonyaB

    Revlon ColorStay Dilemma

    I have been using Revlon ColorStay in Golden Caramel 360 for Oily/Combo skin (without Softflex) for the past 6 months. I recently got a darker tan from a vacation, so I went to buy a darker shade... I picked up Revlon ColorStay 400 Caramel for Normal/Dry Skin (also w/o Softflex) perfect color...
  5. TonyaB

    Got my hair colored &&

    I went to the salon on the 30th to get my hair like the color in the picture below - I brought it in as well. The lady made me pick three colors I picked a blonde color(highlights as shown below), a dark brown (tips), and a regular brown(all over). My natural hair color is black/off black if...
  6. TonyaB

    Taylor Momsen's GG Premiere Makeup?

    Anyone know what she has on her eyes? And how would I achieve the look? Thanks in advance.
  7. TonyaB

    Megan Fox Reccomendations!

    Would anyone know what she has on her lips? The last three kinda look the same.
  8. TonyaB

    L'oreal Hip Duo Eye looks..

    I ordered almost every L'oreal hip duo (i only need a couple more and i have them all) and I made up some looks to try them out. I am still a beginner so I'm not that great. Look #1 (The lime green comes out yellow-ish ????) Face: Mac Prep+Prime Face Mac Studio Fix Foundation (NC42) MAC...
  9. TonyaB

    Best Highlight E/S for NC42?

    I have MAC Shroom that I use as a brow bone highlight but it doesn't show up very well as a highlight. Can anyone give me some recommendations for a highlight?
  10. TonyaB

    Bare Escentual Shade for NC42?

    Hey girlies I have a quick question. I am wanting to buy some Bare Escentuals and I was wondering what shade I would get? My MAC foundation is NC42. Thanks.
  11. TonyaB

    Brush Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be buying some new MAC foundation & concealer. I was going to get the MAC Brushes #190, #182, & #225. But they are too expensive for me, and I will regret paying so much for brushes. So I'm looking for any recommendations on similar brushes to MAC #190, #182, & #225 for...
  12. TonyaB

    Cute Plus Size Swimwear?

    I'm looking for a swimsuit, I am curvy, I keep finding cute ones but they're in sizes S-L, not my size. I'm size 18/20. I found some plus size ones but they look like maternity wear, or something your grandma would wear.. This is something I'm looking for: Thanks for any help. :]
  13. TonyaB

    I Look like a whore in skinny jeans and heels??

    I bought these skinny jeans (straight legged) a couple months ago and I didn't fit into them until now. I am very excited that they finally fit. I showed my mom that they fit, and I had them paired them with some heels I bought last week. She said that I look like a whore, and that the heels are...
  14. TonyaB

    "whispy white stuff"??

    I was re-searching some fake eyelash alternatives and I came across this page and someone commented: Quote: "..I also have this stuff that comes in a tube like mascara, but it's some form of whispy white stuff you apply onto wet mascara, then apply a coat on top of, and it looks like...
  15. TonyaB

    First FOTD Post..

    Hi everyone, this is my first FOTD post, I'm not sure what this look is called, it's my everyday makeup. I'm not all that great at makeup. Face: CG Fresh Concealer (Natural Beige) Dior Forever Skin (050 Dark Beige) Mac Bronzing Powder (Bronze) Mac Margin Blush Eyes: UDPP MAC Indianwood...
  16. TonyaB

    What is the name of this straightener?

    Does anyone know which straightener she's using in this video on youtube: YouTube - How to Straighten Curly Hair : Tips for Straightening Hair It looks like it works well.. If you can't view the video here are pictures:
  17. TonyaB

    Long Retro Type Necklaces?

    Hi, I am looking for some long retro fashion necklaces something like this: Does anyone know of any shops online that sell these? Under $20. Thanks.
  18. TonyaB

    Difficult to Straighten Hair

    I am African American and I have the most difficult hair. It's very poofy and hard to tame. I would love to have straight hair, but my hair can never be perfectly straight. For the past couple of years I have been using relaxers on my hair. It only thins out my hair, it only goes straight with...
  19. TonyaB

    Authentic Pigments?

    I'm still a newbie to MAC and I saw these sample pigment samples for sale: I was wondering if someone could tell me if they are authentic? Thanks ahead of time
  20. TonyaB

    Cheap MAC Makeup?

    I'm not sure if this is the right section but I am looking for some cheap MAC makeup, what online shop(s) would you guys recommended? I don't have a credit card at the moment so I'm also looking for a shop that accepts PayPal.