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  1. NaomiH

    Cleaning out my stash

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking a peak at my sale! I can post/send pictures of anything you would like me to. Most items have only been used a handful of times, I just need to start getting rid of some of the items that im just not using. I can take any payment via PayPal or Venmo and will ship...
  2. NaomiH

    MAC Select Program

    Just thought I'd create a thread for the new MAC Select rewards program for us guys and gals to come and discuss the program. :)
  3. NaomiH

    Studio Conceal & Correct Dec 26th

    I didn't see a thread for this, so figured I'd create one. 195 Concealer brush: $24 217 Blending brush: $24 Studio Perfect Compact (empty) $10 EDIT: THE CONCEALER DUO SEEMS TO OF GONE UP FROM $25 TO $30!
  4. NaomiH

    Spooky Tales

    A place to gather and discuss paranormal happenings, horror movies and all things that go bump in the night.
  5. NaomiH

    Fur babies

    A little corner in Specktra Land where we can come and discuss our pets!
  6. NaomiH

    American Horror Story Chat

    Since AHS talk seemed to take over the Fantasy of Flowers thread, I figured it might be a good idea to make a thread for it so we can gather and discuss the show without taking over collection threads. We can discuss current, past or even future seasons or pretty much anything to do with AHS...