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  1. nubianremedy5


    which do u prefer? and why?
  2. nubianremedy5

    Top 3 Lipliners:

    Pls List Mine Are: 1. Currant 2. Cherry 3. Cork
  3. nubianremedy5

    Top 10 lipsticks and lipglosses

    need ur help ladies... i have a few colours but trying to build up my collection.... what are ur top ten of each (lipstick and lipglass)
  4. nubianremedy5

    hellllllllllllllllooooooooooo from London uk

    hi queen says
  5. nubianremedy5

    Quick Q: When y'all r getting ready What gets done 1st, Makeup or Hair?

    i do my make up first cause i dont want my hair to get in the way....
  6. nubianremedy5


    Hey just started on specktra and wanted to say a BIG HI! :-)