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  1. Piarpreet

    Anybody obsessed with Designer Bags????

    Hi guys! so... I have a problem with make up... we know that much, but I also have issues with designer bags (and shoes, and fashion jewelry, and men... but let's not get out of topic lol) Anybody else has this obsession? Anybody know of places to swap bags? I have so many that I no...
  2. Piarpreet

    Office Hours - MAC Collection

    I'm very confused because normally we know about collection in the US before Spain...this is not the case! Maybe is a EU only collex but in any case here it is. This are all long wear items as far as I know. Did you guys know about this?
  3. Piarpreet

    Permanent nail polish? Help

    I heard about hese permanent nail polishes that you wear (transparent no color) and it makes them stronger so you can grow them. In Spanish they are called "esmalte permanente" but... what's the name in english? where can i find it? is it "safe? thanx!
  4. Piarpreet

    Moving to NYC!!!! Looking for Make Up and Fashion buddies

    Hey girls! So I'm from Spain, you probably have seen me around here raving about mineralized stuff and bright lips...or ranting about my boring undergraduate life in Indiana... But I got accepted @ Columbia and I will be moving to the city! All the friends I had in NYC...
  5. Piarpreet

    Help!!!! TEMPTU shopping :)

    Hey guys, so since I can no longer buy air pods in sephora, do you guys recommend any particular place where I could get discounts or something? the temptu site seems very expensive with no points to be earned or special offers.... :(
  6. Piarpreet

    Does anybody here work at PANERA BREAD?????

    Hi guys! So if anybody here works at Panera Bread please send me a PM I wanna ask some questions lol.... totally random I know :P
  7. Piarpreet

    to all AIRBRUSH owners.... urgent

    hi guys, so imma be in the city for 2 days and i'd like to buy the temptu airpod system. I am wondering though if with this compressor you could you a gravity airbrush gun with a different hose. If the airpod (sephora temptu) works with the regular gun then Im 100% about buying it...
  8. Piarpreet

    MAC's Pink Cult depot FAIL!!!!! HELP!!!!!

    So guys depotting this blush it shattered and when I tried repressing it into its pan I used alcohol but again it cracked. I mixed the powder with alcohol set it and let it be with some weight on top to be pressed when dry all night. this is the condition of the blush right now and I dont know...
  9. Piarpreet

    For the VERY LONG HAIR GALS: hair style

    Hi girls... So I'm a Sikh and I don't cut my hair (yes, never...yes, split end hell) and I don't use any heat (yes, no flat iron...yes, no curling iron...yes, no hair dryer) lol ... the thing is that I have been wearing a braid or a bun with a scruncie (yes, an 80's scruncie...yes, the cloth...
  10. Piarpreet

    Anybody from SPAIN????????????????????

    Hey girls I'm wondering if you live in Spain cos I'm moving back in a matter of weeks and I do not wanna stop swapping :( If you are in Spain and on MUA, specktra, or even to go swatching around lemme know!
  11. Piarpreet

    HELP! Need ideas for starting to do freelance: Foundations and Concealers

    HI everybody! So I'm moving back to Spain in 4 weeks and I might go back to doing freelance Make Up. I threw away all my foundations concealers and cream products cos they were over a year old. I need an affordable array of colors and disposable applicators. Any...
  12. Piarpreet

    MAC for Chen Man Collection Discussion

    So I saw on Temptalia about this new collection coming out with Chen Man of Mineralize Eyeshadows in a Ying Yang shape. ORIGINAL SOURCE: BEIJING...
  13. Piarpreet

    Repressing a MATTE blush?????? HELP!!!!!!!! :O

    Hey beauties! So I know this might not be the best place to post this but didnt know where.... So anyways I'm trying to get 3 super bright colors in a blush pan for when I do make up on WOC and I could mix em up (red, pink, orange) but unfortunately MAC doesnt have a bight...
  14. Piarpreet

    Drag/Kim Kardashian highlights!!!!!! White foundation??????

    Ok guys so... I need some awesome friggin highlight that ACTUALLY works on me. I'm so pale that NOTHING shows up on me! I like doing my triangle and it doesnt show up... :( I was considering to start doing it drag mode (you know, using white or something). Any recommendation from MAC...
  15. Piarpreet

    NEED a MAC dupe got Hoola (Benefit)

    Hi guys! Im really looking for a dupe of hoola that comes in the pro palette or blush form of MAC. I have access to pro products but not a counter to actually swatch. Sculpt? strada? bone beige? Im NC10 BUT Hoola works perfect because its not orange or pink... I hate...
  16. Piarpreet

    A MASCARA that will hold your CURL that is NOT WATERPROOF???????

    Hi guys so im having issues with waterproof mascara (removing and lashes falling) And I thought I should ask here what mascaras that are not waterproof hold your curl. I have those straight down asian lashes... and even though i curl them if i put non-waterproof mascara that will not...
  17. Piarpreet

    NEED weight loss motivation!!!!!

    Hey girls! So I'm starting to feel like I actually need to lose weight. I no longer feel attractive, no matter the make up, the clothes...etc. And it is not just a matter of self-esteem, but a matter of health, since iI dont feel very comfortable with my self (physically). But got NO...
  18. Piarpreet

    Glycol Exfoliant

    Apparently Glycol exfoliants are pretty damn awesome to "fight agaisnt aging signs"! But I can't seem to find one :( Anybody know of any that aren't too expensive?
  19. Piarpreet

    WRINKLE FREE!!! Looking for a moisturizer that has: PEPTIDES & ANTIOXIDANTS

    Hi guys!!!! So there is this dermatologist that said that I needed peptides and antioxidants in my moisturizer in my 20's to PREVENT wrinkling... I've been postponing it so far.... and its my 25th bday this sunday and wanna get a new skin care routine! I need a moisturizer...
  20. Piarpreet


    Need to go lippie hunting and blush swatching :) if anybody is in Spain (Madrid) I'd love to share a make up shopping spree