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  1. makeupmaiiden

    My fx collection

    I noticed that theres not too much about fx makeup and since its halloween season (ghostly cheers!!) I thought I'd let you all peak into my fx stash. Hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions, want to know where anything is from, or anything else please ask me! I put a lot of effort into...
  2. makeupmaiiden

    If you could only have one mac product for the rest of your life what would it be?

    I'd have to say pro longwear foundation. I recently got it and I really love it. Its like the perfect foundation for me bc its medium coverage and it just does everything that you want it to do. My runner up would probably be candy yum yum but it lost bc its dupable.
  3. makeupmaiiden

    Bright and bold eyeshadow appreciation post!

    Lets talk about bright coloured eyeshadow! Whats your favorite formula? Which brand makes your favorite bright colors? xD
  4. makeupmaiiden

    Bh cosmetics: safe on kids?

    So I'm redoing my kit. I happen to do a whole lot of theatre productions, and every now and then I work with very little kids. I find that my regular theatre kit either doesn't apply to young children, or the kids are very handsy and like to touch and in some cases break products. There also...
  5. makeupmaiiden

    burgundy lipstick recommendations?

    Im looking for a sexy rocker pout and what better brand to get than mac? Any recommendations for a pure, dark as sin burgundy lippie possibly satin? Thanks in advanced mwahh
  6. makeupmaiiden

    How do you pronounce MUFE?

    We all know that it stands for makeup forever, but what do you call it for short? My friends and I usually call it MUFE (pronounced moofie) but I know some people call it M.U.F.E
  7. makeupmaiiden

    Getting a job at mac straight out of high school?

    Im a junior in high school and I'm thinking of taking a gap year in between high school before i g to college for special fx makeup artistry. Ive been a self taught makeup artist for nearly 6 years, im the head of a theatre program's makeup, and i am going to be graduating with a major for...
  8. makeupmaiiden

    Vancouver film school special fx makeup program?

    I was wondering if anybody is familiar with this school and either went to, graduated, or knows anyone that did? I really want to go for that program and i have a few questions and I just genuinely want to know what your experience was or what you think of the school. Thanks